Saturday, January 31, 2015

To be alone is a necessary thing. To be removed from the world, from technology, from the buzzing and the ringing and the whistling brings you back to life. Gliding through the snowy trees, with the sun warming your skin as it peers through the branches to watch you soar cannot be replaced by any video, song, text, email, or blog. When all you hear is your own laughter, the chatter of squirrels, and the scrape of skis on snow, each pressed heavy to your ears by the silence of the forest....
That is when you hear God, telling you that life is good.
To be alone is a necessary thing.


alaska, august 2014
by harry b williamson
peace and skis

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

There's an ice cream party that starts in an hour and all I can think about is how much I want that ice cream party to start right now. I am also contemplating when the next time I will wear makeup is, because everyone in my life knows it's been a good while since that stuff happened. Pshhh. This look was good enough in elementary school. and we all know what a babe I was in elementary school. It's good enough now.

Photos taken by him in Alaska last August. He doesn't like to smile for pictures. We're working on that.

peace and feminist writing
i'm going to have a lot of new opinions by the end of the semester


Friday, January 23, 2015

low expectations

I've been waiting for something really extraordinary to happen to me so that I could write about it and glory in my life. I was trying to keep my expectations realistic. You know, skiing under the silence of the Northern Lights with a pack of wild wolves running by my side through the dark pines, or being bitten by a snake and having my legs amputated but turning my misfortune into opportunity through paralympic participation. I was waiting for something simple.

Instead, my expectations were completely blown away. I commented on a picture on Instagram and won a $25 gift card to a local restaurant. The last time I won anything I think it was in 4th grade and I got a piece of paper that said I was a good speller. there so nise. 

So that's my life. Aren't you glad you stopped by for an update? Now you better chum up to me so I'll take you to dinner. Except for not really because I'm pretty sure I'm already taking someone else because I'm dating him and that seems like the right thing to do yeah?

See you next month.

peace and prize winners