Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Few Last Things...

So freshman year is over. The last week was packed with things to do. Finals to study for and take, ward meetings, temple trips, mission call openings, packing, and then more finals. We were all definitely pressed for time, but hey! We're college students. Making things work out is what we do...

So here are some of the happy things we fit into those last weeks spent together.

Cake Decorating

Astronomy Projects

Extreme Airsports

Video of us here.

Super Oreos


The Final FHE: Egg Olympics

Egg Race

Egg Balance

Not pictured: Egg Boat Race

Freshman year? Yeah, I think I managed to have some fun.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Not so fresh anymore.

For the past few days I have been trying to come up with an excellent topic for this blogpost. I went through good topics, weird topics, sad, happy, and religious topics. Nothing was coming, so I now revert back to the good ol' "happening in my life" topic. Let's see if I can try a new twist on it...

This past week I officially took my last class of my freshman year at BYU. I can't believe that I actually made it through this year. I made it through moving out, living on my own, buying my own groceries, living with strangers (not so strange anymore though) taking classes, going on dates, finding my way around campus, serving in a ward calling, missing my family, going to work, teaching lessons, and thinking about ideas and problems that I've never faced before.

That list might make it seem like I have only barely made it through this year. That each day was such a struggle. If these are your thoughts, please, go read the rest of my blog entries. Hopefully they can persuade you otherwise. 

Or, I can just attempt to do that myself. 

During my freshman year I have met some of my best friends. I have had themed dinners. I have laid in the hall and chatted in the lobby (sometimes at ridiculous hours). I have experienced the joy that is the Creamery on Ninth. I have attended a Band of Horses concert. I have had friends visit. I have exercised my creativity and been involved in a prank war. I have spray painted clothes and gone dancing. I have eaten chocolate pretzels. I have eaten at J-Dawgs. I have been apart of the greatest FHE group that I could possibly imagine. I have been on scavenger hunts. I have watched and cheered at intramural games. I have taken temple trips across the valley. I have grown to love a group of people more than I ever thought I could. I have enjoyed mail. I have played racquetball, badminton, and tennis. I have received council from my parents (they know a lot). I have spent time with Rebecca and Wes. I have gone shopping and have gotten dressed up. I have taken trips to Logan and have actually dyed my hair (don't get too excited, it was just a little piece). I have laughed over our quote wall. I have gone on midnight adventures. I have played games and then I have played more games...

I have had fun.

I've heard that your freshman year is often the best. As I look back I understand and agree with that statement. At the same time, it makes me a little bit sad. The best year of my life is over? If so, oh well. I feel like I've lived it up and done all that I could. I feel good about my year.

So long freshman Rachel, hello sophomore...

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Ode to Something Better.

I know that my life is good.
I live in a great neighborhood.
I go to work and go to school,
And on occasion do something cool.

I like my life, I think it's great,
And never could I say I hate,
This place called Provo, where I abide
(please, don't think that it's implied)

But recently, my only thought
Is "get me out of this distraught"
And take me to a place that's nice,
With fewer people to be precise.

I'm sick of clouds and sick of snow
I mean really guys, can't you just GO?
Who cares about finals? Do they have a purpose?
Personally I think that they are rather humorous.

So I'm heading South, forever and ever.
To always be known as "the mysterious hiker"
I'll live off the land and have all my own space
Good luck finding me, I won't leave a trace.

Where I go the sun will always shine
I'll live outside and be totally fine.
So say your goodbyes, and pretend that you'll miss me.
Cause here I go, about to make history...

Monday, April 4, 2011

In Loving Memory of.

You were the first purchase I ever made that exceeded $100.

I saved up all of my babysitting money in order to buy you during 8th grade.

You saw me through many a long car ride and airplane flight.
You helped me fall asleep.

You accompanied me on many running/gym trips.

You were never as flashy or as new as the other kids', but you knew what I liked and you always delivered.

You stuck with me for 5 years.

I'll miss you but I just hope that whoever took you from me was in greater need than I.