Monday, February 28, 2011

I tasted the rainbow. It made me gag.

It was a quiet, peaceful Monday night. The roommates had all left and I had the apartment to myself for a few minutes. I sat out in the kitchen, pondering the purpose of life, when I heard a key in the back door. My roommates walked in along with two other friends, Kent and Kevin. I welcomed them home, inquiring after their outing. They responded in a positive manner, and then places two bags of these on the table...

20 minutes later, all of these bite sized candies were gone. They were consumed during a horrible game that I will not tell you about due to its graphic nature. No person should know about this game. I am trying to forget but my stomach will not let me. Nor will my gums and teeth ever forgive me.

Beware of the Rainbow.

Friday, February 18, 2011

23 and counting...

Happy Birthday to my older sister Rebecca Burningham!

Here are 23 things I love about you:
  1. You let me come to your home
  2. You like bright colors
  3. You got me my job
  4. You trained me well in my job
  5. You learned how to bake for someone with celiac disease
  6. You always would watch Caroline and me when Mom and Dad were gone
  7. You care about what's going on in my life
  8. You watch movies with me (Iron Man 2 and Oceans)
  9. You let me take your phone upgrade when I sat on mine and broke it
  10. You memorized The Family: A Proclamation to the World
  11. You served children in the Dominican Republic
  12. You love sparkling cider (don't you?)
  13. You sent me postcards made of pictures of us
  14. You are organized
  15. You let me borrow your clothes
  16. You let me have a great brother-in-law
  17. You can easily make conversation with people
  18. You fulfill and magnify your calling
  19. You have cool feet and nice calve muscles, or your gastrocnemius and soleus muscles
  20. You laugh at funny memories which makes everyone else laugh too
  21. You make fun of me when I sleep in
  22. You have a dash of green in one of your eyes
  23. You are my sister

Happy Birthday Rebecca! Hope you enjoyed spending it in high school. Yay!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Remember when we had counter space?

If I think really hard I just might remember such a time. Right now, however, it's hard to picture any available room in our kitchen. 

We have....

2 pans of rice crispy treats
2 containers of some almond wonder wedding cake (Mom, Dad, I should probably talk to you...)
1 plate of cookies (used to be 3 plates)
3 bags of candy
1 homemade coconut cream pie (used to have a chocolate satin one as well)
2 boxes of chocolates
1 curly fry maker (we made curly fries for FHE last night with Ariel's ingenious machine)

Am I forgetting anything roomies? 

Maybe I'll go put a bag of carrots on the counter, just to keep things in balance.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Day of Love

Happy Valentine's Day! 
As always, a certain movie knows exactly what to say...

Oh  Lion King, what would I be without you?

Shout out to Ariel, my fantastic roommate.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Competitive Conversations

We've all been apart of them, whether we are the ones attacking or the ones suffering from the attack. In my opinion, competitive conversations are a waste of words. Conversations should be informative with both, or all, participants benefiting and growing from the knowledge presented by the other(s). You leave those conversations feeling ponderous and informed. You leave competitive conversations feeling ticked off, stupid, or put down. It's not a pleasant feeling.

Lately, I feel as if I've been a regular participant in these combative conversations. Perhaps I'm being too sensitive, (it wouldn't be the first time) but I feel as if everything I mention is shot down, every experience I share is one upped, and every opinion I have is diagnosed as wrong and forcefully tried to be changed. I think that Brian Regan illustrates my point quite perfectly...

Humorous, yes, I know. It IS funny, but that's because it's true.Sadly, it's true.

I suggest that we all try a little harder to be more aware of our conversations. Are we dominating the battle field? Are we slaughtering our opponents by "one upping" or discounting others' experiences? If someone expresses an idea, listen and think about what they've brought up. Conversation is half talking, and half listening. 50% is a failing grade people.

I know that when I have taken the time to participate in a conversation that wasn't a battle I learned a lot. Some of my questions were answered while others were posed. We were both journeying through our topic of discussion and doing so with the help of the other. I left with a newfound respect for my comrade in conversation.

So people, put down your arms, or at least pretend to, because I don't think I'll make it through another conversation like the ones I've experienced lately.

What do you think? I'd like to listen...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"One of those days"

It's a phrase we've all used and we all know what it means, but my question is why? Why do we have a special phrase to describe a day that has been less than optimal? Why don't we say, "Yeah! It's been one of those days!" when we do well on a test or see a good friend or get a nice letter or find an awesome parking spot? I find myself telling people about the bad things that happen during my day rather than exclaiming over the good parts of my day. I apologize for all those who have had to listen to me bemoan my happy and blessed life. How hypocritical.

Yesterday was "one of those days" because I had a close friend leave me a happy message on facebook.
Yesterday was "one of those days" because my boss was in a very good mood.
Yesterday was "one of those days" because my coworker made me laugh.
Yesterday was "one of those days" because I  got to go to Book of Mormon.
Yesterday was "one of those days" because I bought a delicious sandwich (thanks Dad).
Yesterday was "one of those days" because I got to laugh with my friend during History.
Yesterday was "one of those days" because I ran into my future roommate and good friend.
Yesterday was "one of those days" because we ate dinner together. She made me laugh.
Yesterday was "one of those days" because we ran into my bishop and chatted with him.
Yesterday was "one of those days" because I had mail.
Yesterday was "one of those days" because I witnessed an act of service.
Yesterday was "one of those days" because I got to go buy groceries (thanks again Dad).
Yesterday was "one of those days" because my FHE brothers came over.
Yesterday was "one of those days" because we learned a new, fun game.
Yesterday was "one of those days" because my home teachers visited. Talking with them always cheers me up.

Yesterday was "one of those days" and I am so grateful that it was. Sure there were some harder things to deal with, but the tender mercies outnumber the trials 1,000 to 1.

So, thanks for reading and I hope you have "one of those days."