Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Spencer and Annie

This is my brother Spencer. He likes to climb rocks.

 This is Spencer's wife, Annie. She also likes to climb rocks.

 They went on a trip to Colorado. This is one of the steep rocks they climbed there.
Because they like to.

They like standing on very small ledges, hundreds of feet in the air...

 ...clinging onto nothing, hundreds of feet in the air...

...and doing the splits for an hour, hundreds of feet in the air. 

Why are they so cool?

Monday, August 22, 2011

estoy lista

estoy lista: I am ready

What am I ready for?

People. I'm ready for people to come back into my life. Fortunately, what with school starting in a week, many people will be returning to me. Others still have more than a year before I see them so I'm going to focus on those people that are coming back now. For example...

BYU 55th
Running buddies
Skyline High School graduates
"What the Crepe" (see last post)

So on and so forth. So people, come to me. I'll be waiting. Have been all summer...

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Breakfast at Teacher Ed

Yesterday it was my turn to supply the weekly Friday breakfast for the 5 secretaries at work. My roommate had recently participated in a similar endeavor, and since I think she's pretty cool, I decided maybe I'd try it out as well. The batter was mixed with love, the toppings handpicked, and each edible wonder skillfully flipped. Brittany, Tracie and I might be the best crepe flippers I'm aware of.

That's right, I provided crepes for the work breakfast club.

So because I don't usually prepare food for other people to eat, I was somewhat apprehensive about the reaction and thoughts of those participating in the partaking. One coworker pointed out that the last time he had eaten crepes he had gotten sick and since then had an aversion to the pancake. (He continued to take three) My other coworkers were complimentary in their comments but they're just nice people and wouldn't say anything mean anyway. I was grateful but passed it off as a surface salute and continued to work on my LAST TRANSCRIPTION (but that's another story...)

As I was walking down the hall, past the office where all of my bosses reside, one of them called me in. Somewhat confused I entered the office to see the head of my department holding an empty plate. She had been given a crepe without my knowledge and was thanking me for it, also being very kind in her comments. I thanked her and was about to leave when she stopped me and asked if, instead of having the nearby Kneaders Bakery provide breakfast for the Teacher Education Department open house, I would be willing to make crepes for ALL the attendees.

...Excuse me, what?

Another one of my bosses joined in saying how that would be perfect and so much better than the heavy food Kneaders would provide. Yet another boss also stepped in and gave her support and encouragement.

I was taken aback and extremely flattered. I accepted the responsibility, wondering in amazement at the turn breakfast group had taken that morning.

While I am flattered and proud I feel that recognition should be given to those who truly deserve it. Brittany and Tracie, you made this dream come true. Thank you. Now you can begin preparing yourself for the crepe marathon, happening August 24th-25th. Love you guys.


 If you would like a crepe creation at your next big event, please let What the Crepe? be apart of it. Contact one of the three owners via blog comment, facebook, or just come visit us at the nearest location! Our apartment doors are always open for business.


Friday, August 5, 2011

Not too shabby

Having a worker at Anthropologie compliment your outfit puts a certain spring in your step.

Some day I'll have money to actually buy something there.

Monday, August 1, 2011


Dear Camera Cord,

Where art thou? I can't post about things I've taken pictures of if you are missing from my life. Please, return to me. I'll treat you better than I have in the past.

With love,
Stuck in a Predicament