Monday, May 19, 2014

utah lake

One of my most cherished past times is to take "personal adventures." It's when I do my best thinking minus the shower because let's get real, i've solved world hunger, scripted exactly what i would say to Harry Potter if he was real, and chewed out Putin to the extent that he exiled himself to Siberia while in the shower. These adventures are times to refocus, get outside my comfort zone, talk to strangers, and appreciate my surroundings.

I've given Utah Valley a bad rap before no, i literally made a bad rap about Utah Valley but the truth is it's a good place. I'm happy to be here and there are some beautiful areas. Man I feel like breaking out into the state song, which I have done on multiple occasions in the last 48 hours. It's normal.

Yes I am so vain that I use the self-timer. But I mean come on....that light though.

I'd suggest going out into the world to see what it has to show you. You might even find even find a little cove where people to do drugs. But only if you're lucky.

peace and scooter rides.


Monday, May 12, 2014

all i do is win

I think it's time that we all take credit for the difficult things we do each day. Every sunrise comes with a new set of challenges and here we are, living day to day and facing those trials over and over again. It's rather incredible and we should recognize that. We should recognize our triumphs as well as the triumphs of those around us, because I mean really? We're all in this together. cue high school musical dance.

But because I don't really know what specific victories you have claimed, I'm just going to share a few of mine. I know, I know. My incredible humility is daunting to behold.

Victory #1: Last week I wore my retainer. This is significant because I don't like wearing my retainer due to the pain it causes me, the lack of sleep it produces, and the fact that it makes me sound like a congested prepubescent boy with an over producing salivary gland. mmmmm. aren't you curious now? Despite all these reasons for aversion to the instrument of torture, I donned that metal contraption and laid me down to sleep. It was a rough night and when I woke up I felt something sharp and uncomfortable jabbing into my back. Half asleep, I reached behind me, grabbed the object, and pulled it out to examine, realizing that during the night I had subconsciously removed my oral gear and had instead slept with the disgusting thing in my bed.
umm....1 point for me?

Victory #2: I've been running again lately to which my sister would and did respond to with "wow...that's surprising." and last week ran a 5K with my dear friend and former coworker. A victory, no? Given, I ran it in a time twice as long as what my little sister can do it in, afterwards realized I had my shorts on inside out the entire time, and my competitors ranged from the ages of 5 to 12...the majority of whom beat me.
ok. maybe half a point for me.

Victory #3: After listening to my roommate and friend from across the street talk smack about their Super Smash Bros skills for 17+ minutes, I came from behind and destroyed them both. I literally obtained victory via Starfox. Although I guess I just ran around avoiding people and trying to figure out what the different buttons actually did. In fact, my character spent the majority of the game trying to figure out how to get out from behind a barrel, which he eventually did. So add that to the victory list.
2 points.

Victory #4: I participated in an arm wrestle...wait. That doesn't belong on this list.
negative 7 points
why am i giving myself points?

Victory #5: I washed not only my sheets, but my comforter cover as well. While this is a success, the true triumph comes from the fact that I then managed to put the cover back on the comforter. I tell you what, there was never a more difficult challenge presented to humankind than trying to get a bag of feathers to lie flat inside a rectangle of cloth. The corners never match and it eventually gets twisted and you somehow find yourself inside the cover instead of the comforter, sneezing dozens of times over because there are feathers up your nose.
1 point.

Victory #6: I consumed an entire carne asada burrito from Betos. And didn't vomit immediately following said consumption.
this deserves no points.

So....this list backfired.
But here's a picture when I actually was cool.
Please note that my current dislike for pants obviously started from an early age.

peace and personal victories.
here's to hoping yours are better than mine.


Saturday, May 10, 2014


Greetings. I was going to start with some sort of excuse for why it's been so long since I wrote anything but I have none and that's not really very interesting to read anyway. It's like reading the foreword to a book. You really don't care what whoever it is has to say because you just want to get to the story already.
ha. that implies that there's a story to this post. 
there's not.

Whether or not you like/actually read forewords to books is besides the point though. I personally see my lack of posts as a good, healthy thing. It just means that I'm actually interacting with people, holding conversations and enjoying their company rather than sitting around in the dark talking to myself. Because I'll let you in on a secret: that's where the majority of my posts come from. The dark.
(want to know another secret? i have no idea how to use semicolons and colons correctly. yay for the last 15 years of my education.)

And now I don't know if any of that even made sense, which is typical. I'm slightly distracted because my parents' pantry has sea salt and caramel macadamia nut chocolate clusters. Yeah, I think I'm on my 6th. Plus...cable. You better believe I'm watching pre-crazy Lindsay Lohan rock the twin roles in The Parent Trap. And I'm wondering why I never learned to fence when I was 11. I mean, by that time I totally had the ratio of Nesquik to milk down (3 generous scoops to a glass, plus a little more to dip in the milk and then eat plain), as well as the strategies and necessary hits to be queen of the court in four square (a claim I still proudly hold. am i right people?) but what am I going to do the next time I'm challenged to a fencing match?

I'll lose. And die. That's what.

Also, poker. Someone teach me how to play please. I think I'd be really good at it because I'm an excellent liar and most definitely don't start laughing or doing "shifty eyes" the second I say something less than true. Let's just say Lady Gaga would be proud of my poker face. let's go poke her face.

Well, this has been nice. I'm going to go climb a fence because that's the closest I'll ever get to sword fighting.

Until next time, here are some embarrassing pictures I found on my parents' computer.
They made me laugh.
I have no shame.

^^^ I get it, right?

 I went through a very long phase where I dressed like a boy.
Like, I remember buying those shorts from the boys section.

My brother came home from his mission to Canada, so we covered the driveway with quotes from
"The Red Green Show."
And I'm going to try yet again to bring the pigtails back.
This will be my 7th attempt. 
also lets get a shout out to the little white truck i learned how to drive stick on.

The Weiler's are known for their...class.

Nothing's changed.

peace and chocolate covered raisins.
yep. just found those in the pantry as well.