Friday, October 22, 2010

Can I Brag Just a Little?

My little sister's name is CAROLINE... She... is a master of legos and ripsticking. She... is a future rock climbing master. She... plays the piano, the clarinet, and the alto saxophone. She... is first chair in the Wasatch band saxophone section. As an 8th grader she... made it into the school jazz band and currently wakes up early every day in order to attend this prestigious musical group. She... receives straight A's. She... can do a perfect impersonation of this guy...


...and... is always ready with a witty comment

You'd think this was enough. You'd think that she has exhausted her talents and could now continue at a steady pace. BUT NO. This year Caroline, as a ninth grader, joined the Skyline High cross country team and willingly put her body through vigorous training that would have killed her sister. (not me of course, the OTHER sister) Not only is she going to school early, but she is now staying hours afterwards so that she can run up mountains and stuff. We were all proud that she wanted to be on a team, no one more proud than my dad. Personally I thought she would be mediocre


As a freshman, Caroline just participated in the State Cross Country meet. Out of about 120 girls who ran, CAROLINE CAME IN SECOND. (3 miles in 19 minutes 7 seconds)She was in the newspaper the next day, a feat none of the other siblings have achieved. (except Rebecca apparently)

Caroline, in white, to the right of the girl in yellow, who finished first.

Although her face is blocked by an elbow, there she is.

And once again.

Good job Caroline. I'm proud of you. Wish I could have been there.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Never Know a Good Thing 'til it's Gone

I like Provo. I like BYU. I like living on my own and meeting new friends. I like the fun social life that exists here. I like my ward. I like working with my sister. I like learning new things. I like my independence. I like my calling. I like my roommates. I like my FHE brothers. I like the quote wall in our apartment. I like laughing really hard with Amanda, Ariel, Bridget, Catherine and Kate. I like our neighbors. I like pulling pranks on people. I like the library. I like campus. I like BYU. I like Provo.

But I miss my family. I miss my home in Salt Lake. I miss my MOM's ability to make everything in our home look good. I miss my DAD's humor. I miss making fun of him with Caroline at the dinner table. I miss quoting Brian Regan while SPENCER laughed so hard. I miss practicing piano duets with REBECCA. I miss being able to walk across the hall to talk with CAROLINE. I miss bothering Caroline.

I know they aren't very far but it's the everyday things that I miss. Things that I never really realized were so great.

Dad, Me, Caroline, Rebecca, Mom.
Spencer was on his mission.


Slot canyons with Mom

Me, Mom, Caroline, Spencer, Annie, Rebecca, Wes
Yosemite National Park

Caroline, Rebecca, me.

Dad and Mom

Rebecca, Caroline, me
Spencer lounging on the bench.

 Glad for the memories.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Could-be Calamaties

I recently had an enlightening conversation with a good friend. As we were walking around campus attempting to complete our Geology assignment (which consisted of identifying different rocks used in the buildings at BYU) we were forced on many occasions to quickly readjust our line of walking by jumping backwards or running forwards or s l o w i n g down to an alarmingly slow pace in order to keep ourselves from colliding with other students. These students were either deeply immersed in what could only be utterly important conversations via texting/talking on their cell phones, quickly studying last minute notes from a binder, speed racing on their bikes to destination B or pulling a Belle from Beauty and the Beast and walking with their nose in a book. I felt as if we were in a game of Frogger walking from the JFSB to the HFAC. During all of this I was momentarily taken back to a high school class we all know and love...


The SKYLINE HIGH Drivers Ed teacher was also the head football coach. My fellow Eagles can relate to the fact that between clips of football games, conversations about past football games as well as upcoming football games, we might have struggled to really grasp concepts which could have turned us into the best drivers Utah had ever seen. However, I think Mr. Dupaix might have taught us something that not only applies to our lives on the road, but that can apply to every aspect of our lives: Defensive Driving.

In this case I will apply Defensive Driving to my FROGGER experience on campus. May we all take a turn being Defensive WALKERS. This way, could-be colliding calamities which would only end in awkward situations can be avoided.

The best defense may be a good offense, but A GOOD DEFENSE COULD SAVE YOUR SOCIAL LIFE.

*special thanks to Pheobe Romney for being my Geo. buddy

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Prepare for the Ice Age...

For those who didn't make the immediate connection, the title of this blog is taken from a classic movie, Ice Age. If you have not seen it, please change that fact.

Anyway... FHE.

We went ice blocking.

We had fun.

Here is proof.

 Monday, Sept 27, 2010

Family train. That's whats up.

Catherine is always up for trying new and daring feats of impressive MAGNITUDE.



Paul, Jason, Josh, Chris, Gil

Catherine, Amanda, Ariel

P.S. Thanks for the shout-out Rebecca. Always looking out for me.