Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Aye Aye Cap'n

Something strange has been happening to my body over the past week and a half. I find that I am no longer able to sleep at the socially acceptable times of day. When the darkness of night descends upon the earth and all the people close their eyes to join the darkness, my eyes will not shut. As the minds of others take them on journeys through dreams, my mind withholds such a passport from me.

So I'm left here. Wondering at my future as a nocturnal creature. And this is what the crystal ball holds in store.

Everyone, this is an aye aye. A nocturnal creature.
Somebody, save me from this fate.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


So I have these friends... please, refrain from expressing your surprise at this statement.

They reside in Provo most months of the year. Unfortunately this month of the year is not one of those months. They've all gone to the different parts of the west to see family and celebrate the Christmas season from the comfort of their homes. I don't blame them.

But I do miss them.

Fortunately for me a brilliant system has been established that allows me to be connected to each of these people all at once. The solution's name is Groupme. Through this website friends can be put into groups and assigned a new, group number. When members text this number, all people within the group receive the text and have the opportunity to respond. These responses can be seen by all members of the group and the cycle continues on in an uplifting and entertaining manner.

I've grown up with this type of technology and often take for granted how sincerely AWESOME it is. I mean, I can watch an entertaining video on youtube, send it through instant chat to someone in a different state, type a message to a friend in Europe, get her response 5 minutes later, all while reading an email from a missionary in Tahiti. Then I can take a video of a percussion ensemble performance, have my roommate in Arizona watch it while I order a present online from a company miles away. Just stop and think about that.



Have you thought about it? It's incredible.

So I miss my friends and look forward to seeing them again, but until then I'll stay connected to them and enjoy the jewels of wit that come my way via text.

Groupme: keeping people together has never been so entertaining.

Monday, December 12, 2011

you know it's finals week when...

  • all you want to wear is jeans and a t-shirt. maybe a fleece vest too. so you do.
  • you can't bring yourself to put on makeup for the sole purpose of being able to rub your eyes while reading
  • you spend more time on campus than off campus, even though you don't have any classes to go to
  • you have a constant tab (literally...like on your internet browser...) on the conditions of the testing center line
  • you consider a blog post more of an opportunity to take a break from studying rather than an actual means of enjoyment
  • you sleep in because you were in the library until 2am. (yay extended hours)
  • you don't see your friends anymore
  • when you do see your friends they don't recognize you because of previously stated lack of makeup and choice of wardrobe
  • you daydream of the moment when you will actually be able to sell back those blasted books
  • you need to go grocery shopping, very badly, but refrain because you'll be headed home soon anyway. right? i am going to be going home soon...RIGHT?
  • you make new resolves every hour to do a better job of studying throughout the next semester
  • you watch MormonMessages in an attempt to calm your soul
  • you get asked on "library dates"
  • you consistently have to remind yourself that you ARE NOT your test score...YOU ARE A PERSON.
Oh finals. What would we do without you?

Oh. I know. Laugh. Smile. Live.