Tuesday, March 26, 2013

there and back again: a trip to the great salt lake

My alarm went off at 4:40am on a Friday that I didn't have school or work. Yeah, sometimes bad things happen to good people. Fortunately I have the most excellent taste in alarm ring tones and "walk through the forest" roused my drowsy brain in a pleasant and natural way. If I hadn't been in a queen sized bed with a heated home and down comforter and cushy pillow and bedside lamp and closet and tv and dvd player and running water...well, I just might have been convinced I was waking up in a forest.

Alas, no.

But that's how the adventure began! Yes, my Lindsay-friend and I came down with a serious case of the Bagginsies. bagginsies: a word i just made up referring to the mental state resembling that of the hobbits bilbo and frodo baggins, who were desirous of adventures. Now that I think about it, I was the one who really wanted an adventure and Lindsay was my faithful and supportive Samwise Gamgee. i can think of no greater compliment for a person. 

I picked her up around 5:16am, helped her choose a few things, dumped a bunch of stuff in the back of Sneaky, failed at getting gas but then succeeded at getting gas, and almost turned onto the offramp of the freeway. Ah, the success of our adventure was imminent.

The purpose was to see the Bonneville Salt Flats at sunrise and snap a few pics of my gorgeous Samwise rhymin' time. I have never been to those wide expanses of whiteness and ever since I saw Bill Nye demonstrating some sort of science principle on them during my 7th grade science class, I have wanted to go. However, my information regarding everything was completely wrong. To explain all the things I didn't know would make me feel bad, so suffice it to say that the sun rises at 7:26am, not 5:54am. you all think i'm a moron. it's ok.

So Lindsay and I had a grand ol time driving in the dark, talking about our favorite words huckleberry, prudence, badger, foible the time she almost ran out of gas, the fact that the kid I liked in high school has suddenly became completely attractive and how we'd both date him 1 point for high school me, letter writing techniques, a bush that looked like a wolf, how I have managed to grow up and control my reactions to things did you know me in high school? yikes, the fact that we could have still been sleeping, how long it had been since we washed our hair, when Lindsay had to dress up as a brine shrimp in 4th grade and had little pingpong-ball-eggs attached to her costume, the many admirable qualities of Nicholas Hoult and other similarly interesting topics.

Finally I realized we weren't going to make it to the Salt Flats. We pulled over, looked at the snow coming down sideways my forecast had told me it would be sunny... and seriously considered bagging the entire thing. What was the point? Our adventure had failed. I had reached the base of the volcano in Mordor and couldn't face the hike up on those steaming rocks i mean really? My Samwise sympathized, consoling me and understanding the burden I carried. And then she picked me up and said, "I can't take these picture for you, but I actually can take these pictures for you!" ok, not at all. and that was terrible. But Lindsay was encouraging and willing so I kissed my fingers goodbye, wished I had little hobo gloves, and went out into the cold.

*disclaimer: i have found that choosing between pictures is what i can only assume picking a favorite child is like. so... i didn't. and there are a ton.

What a beautiful friend I have.

And just to prove that I was actually there:

The morning ended with us in a Denny's/Flying J bathroom washing the clay off of our boots in the sinks. Then we got unlimited hot chocolate, read each other's letters, had a very attentive waiter named Ace, and drove home wondering what our lives would have been like if we grew up in Tooele. 

peace and bilbo

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

a normal day

*While walking to class this morning, I overheard a girl talking with her friends. Her friends had obviously just been on a run and now they were stretching on the stairs leading up to their apartment. My first thought was, "It's too cold for the length of your shorts." Then I got distracted as I crossed the street. After making it safely across, this gem of conversation came harpooning towards me from their discussion. i say harpooning because this girl had a very loud voice. "I wish just one boy would love me instead of all of these guys! I just don't know what to do with all of them. It has to get better than this."

I hear ya sistafriend. Can't keep the boys off either. It's a hard life we live.

*At work I helped my boss set up Olive Garden salad and breadsticks. It's always fun to set something up the way you think it would work well, and then have someone else look at it and then just change everything about it. i gave up when i was deemed incapable of straightening the forks and napkins. After this I went back to man the desk in case an emergency copy job suddenly appeared. About 6 minutes later, a professor came rushing in asking where my boss was. Worried, I said that I didn't know if she wasn't in her office. The professor looked at me in an anguished and stressed way, almost pleading for me to say it wasn't so. I stood up and asked what was wrong, how could I help? "There are no drinks set up down there. There's nothing to drink and we need something to drink. Fix this." I moved to look down the hall from the glass door I sit behind, watching as a dozen or so professors, all with Masters in education or higher most with doctorates milled around, confused as to where to get their much needed beverage. My eyes then drifted to examine the drinking fountain located 2 feet from where they were all standing. I turned to the professor, who had been joined by another professor informing me of the dire circumstances and said, "I'll see what I can do for you."


*I was wandering around the basement of the bookstore, trying to find very specific items for a professor. On the fourth walk down the same aisle, I finally found what I needed. I deliberately counted out 10 items and moved towards the cash register with the other 10 items I had also acquired. Upon putting these 20 items on the desk, I told the nice looking cashier but who was probably a freshman. yikes. that there should be 10 of each. He picked up the stack of notebooks and started scanning them, me watching him do it because there was nothing else to do. He scanned them all and turned to me and said, "There are only 6 here."
"What? No way, there are 10."
"Sorry, but there really are only 6."
"...No, I counted them. Here, let me see."

I looked up at him in disbelief to see him laughing good-naturedly at me. maybe he wasn't a freshman? Confused and embarrassed I went and got 4 more notebooks, turned them over to him, and asked him to check to make sure I had gotten the right amount.

"Hahaha, yep, looks like you got 10 now. Now for the folders."
"I swear I go to school here and graduated high school and everything. I even learned how to count to 10 in the last 15 years of my education. Except for that one time I thought I was 6 feet tall in 3rd grade..."
"It looks like all that education paid off. You have 10 folders. Hahaha, thank you for making this day so much better than it was. not a freshman I can't wait to tell this story to my friends ok. he was a freshman and family." ARE YOU A FRESHMAN!?
"Hey, I'm glad my stupidity brightened someone's day. Have a good one."
"You too."

I heard him chuckling as I walked away.

Like I said sista-friend-from-the-beginning-of-this-post. I can't keep them off me.

peace and spring skiing
hopin for some good stuff on saturday. comeon comeon comeon


summer is coming, right?
2012 montana trip
view of the ranch

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

this is how we celebrate

On March 15th my dad turned 53. Today, March 20th, my little sister turns 17. that's definitely the weirder of the two. Last weekend we all got together and spent some quality time outdoors to celebrate their births. My mom arranged for us to go to the driving range at a nearby golf course.

Now, we're not the greatest golfers you've ever met. Yeah, my dad is pretty good, and so is my mom.

Spencer can hit it pretty far and does a good Happy Gilmore impression and seems to think that yelling "booooosh!" right before hitting it will make it go further. Annie's never golfed before but had hurt her shoulder climbing earlier that day so watched as we all made fools of ourselves.

Wes is good at everything once he spends some time at it, so by the end of the evening he was looking good apparently it was in the wrists? Rebecca has nice calf muscles see picture below and insists that, because she took a "college class on golf," she knows what she's doing, which she kind of does actually. i admit that after listening to her "head down, knees bent" i got my best hit of the evening.

snazzy golf gloves

there's definition in those things even when they're unfocused...

Being the token diva of the family, I embarrass them all by wearing boots and jeggings to the course and Caroline is all legs with crazy hips and runs around doing her own thing, like hitting four balls one right after the other.

yes this is what i wear golfing.
hopefully my grandpa queed doesn't see this.

i wish i would have gotten Caroline hitting all of these on camera.
it was spectacular


So basically we're the best golfers you've ever met.

nice rebecca

 the prep

 the back swing
and sweep the grass.

Other stuff happened. We thought we were going to get kicked off the range for being loud or just not good enough, but then it turned out ok.

dad spent 4 minutes trying to get these to balance.
and then up and did this.

he's better than i am.

Once we did a few putts and teased dad about his hat, we called it quits and headed home for a delicious meal. The theme was colors. Can you tell?

After dinner we gave presents and ate strawberry pie with graham cracker crust. I fell asleep in a chair but woke up when I heard talk of "whip cream on her face." That should be my new alarm clock. I've never forced my eyes open so quick.

The Burninghams left for Provo and the rest of us decided to watch Skyfall because my mom got it for free. Our DVD collection just jumped up to 9! After difficulty figuring out the surround sound, the different remotes, and the BluRay player, my family lives in the 20th century we finally watched it all. Commentary via everyone was obviously provided and made it that much more enjoyable. "that's a flare." "skyfall is the name of the deer?" "WHAT'S HIS NAME?" "that guy has watched that house for how many years and then it just burns down? sad day." "where did james play as kid? who were his neighbors and friends?" "he played in the woods." "of course there's a train coming." "since when is Shanghai so hi-tech?" "no, those lizards really eat people." 

So now that my creativity is completely drained, I'll end.
Happy birthday to Caroline!

peace and putters