Monday, June 23, 2014

get in the zone.

A story:

A few days back my car read as "my parents car" in case they actually read this  died. The soul of the car sputtered in resignation and forfeited on the journey through life. It left me without vehicle for a space of time, but fortunately kind people take pity on those that are truly pitiful. Finally, after reaching a point of frustration due to my lack of mobility and post-pep talk from my dad, I obtained the necessary aid to remove the battery from my car. After assuring me that we didn't have to put the heart of my car into a cooler and jump on a helicopter in order to make it to the nearby hospital where Dr. McDreamy was waiting to transplant the organ into a needy patient whoa. what tanget did i just go on? we lugged that battery to the nearest Autozone. And then we lugged it to the second nearest Autozone because the first was useless to us.

I flexed my impressive muscles as I lifted the part onto the counter for the man to inspect oh wait. the guy i was with actually carried that unbelievably heavy cube for me. also, i do mean that he was to inspect my muscles, yes. and told the man, with a level of authority and pride previously unbeknownst to my being, why I was there and what I needed. The conversation went as follows:

"I bring you the heart of my car, which is in need of repair. My vehicle is of the Nissan make and the Versa model with a manual transmission. I trust you to find the absolutely best. Go forth and do not disappoint me." 
"oh. hey there. this is my battery and it stopped working so what do i do now? also do you have sink i could wash my hands in? and perhaps some lavender smelling lotion because i have some dirt on my pinky finger."

"Ah, as I examine the fine specimen before me I can see that the vehicle, and the vehicle's owner, are of the highest caliber. We are honored by their presence and will do everything within our power to supply such a noble pair with our most valiant battery replacements. In fact, we shall give it to you for free, in payment for your wonder. You do a service to the world for simply breathing and driving."
"HA! Look at that cute little battery. We for sure don't have anything that size. I'll probably mount that thing on a wall somehwere. Hahahaha what a joke. Oh, and that will be $130."

Moral of the story? Sneaky lives.

Second moral of all this? I always have more pictures.

Biking The Carriage Roads
Acadia National Park

The Beehive Hike

This was the first vacation since I was 18 that my sandals didn't join me.
RIP Merrels.


peace and cookie dough
i want a lifetime supply


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

maine monday

Remember that one time my family went to Glacier National Park and I posted photos from it for the next year? No? Ok, well here's one to remind you of that phase of my life. you're welcome.

Oh Glacier, your hold is still so strong.
Also, bangs. sheesh.

Anyway, I give the example of Glacier because I feel like a similar occurrence is about to...occur. I went on vacation and, true to character, took more photos than I know what to do with. But because I'm also a crazy I've formed an emotional attachment to each one of them and can't imagine not posting them all. don't worry. i won't post them all. probably. I think I have a problem with believing that inanimate objects have personalities and feelings and brains. This tendency is usually only present in young children, but here I am, at 22 years, almost crying at the thought of parting with the vehicle known as Sneaky Jason Bourne. ok. he does have a personality and is my best friend and oh my gosh i need help because my best friend has tires instead of legs.

Each day in Maine was full of beautiful things i mean, we were there so....hehheh. meh.  Here's our Monday in Portland and Acadia National Park.

Portland Head Light
Cape Elizabeth

Portland's Downtown District

 Sand Beach
Acadia National Park

 Jordan's Pond
Acadia National Park

Cadillac Mountain, Acadia National Park

More to come because biking, selfies, pop overs, hiking, and sea kayaking. But for now there's a basket full of laundry that feels bad because I haven't given it any attention in days.

peace and anthropomorphizing 


Sunday, June 8, 2014


It's nearly 2 am. I'm sitting in bed at my parents house waiting for my clothes to finish in the wash so I can start and finish my packing. I've struggled with this feat in the past, a fact that my family refuses to let go. I can almost guarantee that at some point before we leave my dad will ask me if I remembered to pack my underwear. it was one, maybe two times that i forgot ok?! it's not that big of a deal. let's all just let it go. I'm just hoping that packing at such an hour doesn't result in me bringing 7 swimming suits and nothing else. hello portland! 

Even if I do end up bringing only underwear just to spite my reputation I am going to have a great week. I can just feel it. I've wanted to go to Maine for years and while I can't quite describe why I feel such a draw to that most Eastern of states, I am drawn nonetheless. So my dad, in an act of kindness typical to his personality, bought tickets for my little sister and myself to join him in the visiting of lighthouses, the strolling of boardwalks, the kayaking of waters, the hiking of hills, and the tasting of lobster. my, don't we sound posh? we'll probably just end up at a Wendy's for a Jr. Bacon Cheese Burger and a baked potato. #callusclassy

Anyway, my life is grand and just keeps getting better. For instance, my laundry is finally finished and I can now sit in the softness of warmth infused clothing. But holy smokes I think I just burned my skin on a flaming zipper. And now I need to stop because I'm typing from a pile of apparel.

peace and portland