Wednesday, June 24, 2015

the deets

Let's have a conversation, you and I.


YOU: Hey, how was your weekend? Do anything fun?

ME: Yeah, it was great. I went up to Montana and went boating for a couple days. I always love going up there and just enjoying the beauty that is Big Sky Country.

YOU: Cool. That's way fun. You got sunburned though. You look like a tomato.

ME: Yeah....I don't really know what to say. You'd think I'd be smarter seeing as I did that whole college thing, but ...yeah. Not really.

YOU: Yeah, well, your skin is radiating heat, so I'm just going to slowly edge away and leave this conversation.

ME: Ok...but...wait...myboyfriendactuallyproposedtomethisweekendandisaidyessoguesswhatimengaged!!!
(awkwardly shakes hand in your face)

YOU: Wow! Congratulations! Let me see the ring!
(admiration ensues)

YOU: So...tell me the story. Were you surprised? Were there tears? Did you look like Clifford the Big Red Dog when he asked?

ME: Saturday, June 20th, Harry and I spent the day at the beach boating and canoeing and applying sunscreen because yes, I was already toasted by that point. We also went into town to buy fudge for my mom's birthday, and Harry wore his rain jacket because he insisted that it might start to rain. Really he just needed the big pockets to store "things" in. After our errand in town, we went on a jeep ride up into the mountains around our cabin. It's beautiful and there's a lookout over the lake with trees and wildflowers everywhere.

(you make a face to show that you understand how picturesque this all is, but I shove some photos in your face anyway)

ME: So, there we were, and I could guess what was going to happen next. I mean, I knew he had had the ring for about three weeks, so if it hadn't have happened then, I probably would have just ended up asking him myself, because equality and women's rights is a thing. Anyway, I just looked at him and kind of made to leave after a little bit of time. He stopped me and said, "Wait, wait wait wait wait..." Then he knelt down and asked me to marry him.

YOU: That's so awesome. Congratulations. What do you have planned so far?

ME: Well, we have the Salt Lake Temple for September 5th and someone to take pictures of us looking naturally and candidly elegant in a nature scene at some point. 

YOU: Well neat. Send me an invitation and if I don't already have things to do that night I'll come. As long as there is good food and I don't have to drive more than 15 minutes. This conversation has now gone about 9 minutes longer than the 4 seconds I allotted to this encounter, so I'm going to leave now.

ME: Ok, thanks so much though. I hope you can make it because suddenly I feel so much gratitude and love for people that might buy me the type of dish towel I want.
(said distractedly since I have recently developed a fascination with my left hand).


But in all honesty, we're really excited and grateful for everyone who has played a role in our lives. Please come and eat our food because I sincerely want to thank you for helping me get to this point. I mean let's get real, none of us thought I'd ever make it.
#notsingleforlife #miracleshappen #onceinawhile #whenyoubelieve

peace and proposal stories

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Went to Zion. 
For the third time this month.
I'd go again next week.
Because it is awesome. 

peace and plenty