Wednesday, December 26, 2012

well that escalated quickly...

post-seasons greetings to everyone who has stumbled or strolled this way.
my apologies to you (but mostly just myself) for not keeping up with my Christmas video posts.

i just got...busy?

more like i just have had so many fun things going on.
things like...well...why don't we bullet point all this?
i l o v e b u l l e t  p o i n t s

*end of finals!
i also obtained my most liked status on facebook.
small joys.
be my friend?

*the Mormon Tabernacle Christmas Concert...twice.
two words: Alfie Boe
two more words: candy bomber

*helping lil sis get ready for the dance
burned my finger on the curling iron. 
the things i do...

*lights on temple square
third time's a charm

*my 21st birthday
cutest. cakes. ever.
and silver goblets

*sleepover with the girls at the Weiler residence

*skiing with my lil sis
great parking spot, great snow, great out-of-bounds adventures, great fruit roll ups that aren't great under any other circumstances, great string cheese, great defrost on the car, great trees, great running into trees (caroline...), great that both of  the baskets on my ski poles fell off?

*celebrating my brother-in-laws graduation from BYU.
...wait, am i next?

*braving the perils of fashion place mall the weekend before Christmas
that parking lot is humanity at it's worst
where's the Christmas spirit?

*spending the weekend up in logan with padre and lil sis
yes, we really watched snow white and the huntsman.
no, we didnt' like it.
yes, i accidentally referred to Cedric Diggory as Frederick Diggory.
yes, my dad was the one to correct me. 

*hiking up the canyon in my backyard
i saw a stag elk.

*seeing the hobbit with the parentals and lil sis
spoiler alert: it's a trilogy; why didn't the eagles just fly them to the mountain?; now that's a goitre; i'm in love with a dwarf?

*Christmas Day
which deserves a bullet point list of its own but first, pictures of the above.


...winter in logan...

...winter formal...

isn't she lovely?

...birthday bash...

 tis the goblet of fire

 ...millcreek canyon...

 prince of the forest?

...temple square...  


and we're back!

Christmas Day was fabulous, as always.
we did it a little different this year.
we slept in.
we made brunch.
we opened presents.
we were joined by one of the couples.
we opened more presents.
we ate brunch.
no words to describe the feast except for this: happiness
we were joined by the other couple.
we opened more presents.

and then we relaxed.
and then we went on a walk/run up the canyon.
and it was a beautiful day.
and i worked off all the brunch!
psh. whateves.

after washing ourselves come on brother, use the shampoo! we left for dinner at the grandparents'.
we ate.
we laughed.
and talked about the hobbit.
but seriously, why didn't the eagles just fly them to the mountain!?
we "participated" in the musical program
i'm sorry grandma. i'll practice Sleigh Ride for next time.
and we ate.

then the kirk/jennie weiler family headed back to the kirk/jennie weiler household.
we played hedbanz.
and laughed.
i'd try to let you in on the jokes and laughs but let's be honest, it just wouldn't be the same.
and then i'd feel stupid for trying to tell you.

so i won't.
but i'll show you how beautiful it was.

...tight pants...
that's not the beautiful part
is it?
 ...skinny rear...

 the beginnings of a short lived snowball fight.

winter wonderland, no?


so many people complain about the snow.

i. love. it.
just drive safe, you hear?

hope your Christmas was as enjoyable as mine.

now, please excuse me while i try to figure out my NEW PHONE
seems like it was only a month and a half ago i was (not) complaining about my brick.

well, mr. brick. 
it was nice while it lasted.
and lasted. and lasted.

peace and pine trees

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


it's a great day.

and maybe we're starting to get stressed with everything that needs to be done.
maybe i still need to finish finals and papers.
maybe i need to go Christmas shopping.
maybe i need to do a cleaning check.
and maybe i need to pack.
maybe i need to say goodbye to everyone that won't be coming back next semester.
maybe i should really be studying.

but this is a great day.
this is a great time and season.

so amid all the stress, stores, stockings, and santa,
maybe we can remember what's really going on here.

what we're really celebrating.

the birth of our Savior.


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

not quite 25...

i love this time of year. 
i love looking forward to being with my family.
i love finishing classes and finals and feeling like i've completed something worthwhile.
i love christmas music.
i love snow.
i love the lights on temple square.
i love the mormon messages for this time of year.

so, although it isn't quite the 25 days of Christmas, i'll be sharing my favorite Christmas videos from now until the 25th.
so i guess it's more like the 14 days of Christmas.

we'll start with this one.

i have been given so much.
i hope i can be aware of opportunities to give to others.

it's the most wonderful time of the year.


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

who says the kirk/jennie weiler family can't dance?

after finishing a beast of a project earlier this morning, i decided i need a little bit of a break.

so i made this.

for your viewing pleasure please click



married siblings: i'm sorry you and your spouse didn't made the cut. 
there just weren't enough spots!

peace and papers
(they are going to be done soon right?)


Monday, December 3, 2012

from friday to now

i ate cafe rio this weekend.
i ate wendy's this weekend.
how many items can you get from the dollar menu and still have it be less than a combo meal? answer: 5(ish).
i rocked my test.
thank you little words on the results screen. it was so nice to see you. come again?
i slept in a basement.
i burnt a cheese quesadilla.
no comment.
and yet i was still invited to be in a dinner group?
bless you friend.
i scrubbed the microwave.
it's dirty again.
i'm not in nyc even though my dad invited me to go with him.
is education really a blessing? curse you finals.
i got a bloody nose in the middle of a conversation with the coolest guy ever right in the middle of smiths.
and i wonder why i'm single?
i indexed
be proud of me elder scott. please?
i enjoyed watching the first presidency christmas devotional with my freshman roommies.
love them. it was good.

such a sad little quesadilla. 
did i still try to eat it?
what do you think?

picture my dad sent me from his meeting in nyc.
it is of the reflecting ponds where the world trade center was.
little bit surreal.

i don't ever say anything about my weekdays because all i do is this.
end of semester joy.

peace and pork