Wednesday, July 31, 2013

happy birthday harry

Today is a wonderful day. In order to celebrate, drink some butterbeer or pumpkin juice, eat a bag or two of Bertie Botts Every Flavor Bean, and honor The Boy Who Lived.

How well do you know Harry?

1. What is the name of Neville's toad?
2. Without looking, can you recite the first sentence of the first book?
3. What is the name of the goblin who helped Harry in the first and last book?
4. What is the core of Harry's wand?
5. What is the name of the Weasley's owl?
6. Who was Harry's first captain while on the Gryffindor quidditch team?
7. What are the seven horcruxes? (bonus if you say the "8th")
8. What are screaming plants are called?
9. Which Deathly Hallow did Hermione, Ron, and Harry each say would be the best to have?
10. What is the name of Mr. Crouch's house elf?
11. The Defense Against the Dark Arts teaching position is thought to be cursed. Name all the teachers who occupied the position through the Harry Potter series.
12. What is Snape's patronus? Hermione's?
13. What are the nicknames used by the Marauders?
14. Who wrote Hogwarts: A History?
15. What did Harry use to be able to swim underwater during the Triwizard Tournament?
16. What is the cure to the dementor's influence?
17. How did Harry, Ron, and Hermione become friends?
18. What is the title of Gilderoy Lockhart's autobiography?
19. Where was Harry borne?
20. How many times have you read the books?

peace and potter


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

8 reasons i'll never make it big

I love this little blog of mine, not going to lie. It's been with me since the beginning of my "adult" life, when I moved out of the house and had to start pretending I could cook. still working on that. It's gone through awkward stage after awkward stage as I experimented with word art ugh and played around with pixelated pictures ughugh and thought I was more clever than I actually was. I guess it was me who was going through the awkward stages huh? And here I was thinking I had left those behind in junior high school...but I guess the fact that I had to ask my little sister if my hair looked like a mullet this weekend proves I'm still in the middle of the awkward struggle. to caroline's credit, she looked at me, burst into laughter, and then tried to choke out a "'s doesn't look ENTIRELY like a mullet." 

What was I trying to say? Oh right. I love my blog, but I unfortunately have realized that I will never make it big in the blogging world. Here are the reasons why. Yep, it's list time.

1. I'm a single Mormon. Now, as I've ventured through the blogging land I've noticed a few things. Mormons are everywhere awesome! and so are single women However, the Mormons all have children or "hubbies" and the single ladies all hit up the bar/club/wherever-it-is-they-go-to-get-totally-wasted at any and every hour of the day. These two lifestyles are at the heart of all big blogs. The heart of my little blog is somewhere in Montana, eating cheese quesadillas, throbbing for Nicholas Hoult and watching Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron.

2. Along with number 1, I can give you no relationship advice. None. Ever. No "19 Ways to Have a Date Absolutely Every Day" or "42 Tips for the 'Touch The Elbow' Move" or "137 Essentials to Keep The Flame Alive Without Burning Down the House" will ever come from me. However, if you ever find yourself on Who Wants to be a Millionaire? and the question happens to be on Harry Potter trivia, call me immediately.

3. The people who read this blog know me outside of the blog. Let me explain. In the big blogs there will be a quick phrase or comment about how the blog is a secret, how none of their friends know about it and how terrified the writers would be if anyone they actually knew read their blog. #saywhaaaa? My family and friends are the only people who have enough mercy on me to take a glance at this thing every now and then. And bless them for it. love ya guys.

4. I don't do outfits of the day. And yes, that's a thing. With it's own hashtag "#ootd" too. That hashtag is the whole point of some of the big blogs out there. And I...well...basically clothes are the worst part of my day always. I recently went through an entire morning thinking of how pants are my personal Undesirable Number One. (HP reference right there. If you get it, we are new best friends.) Clothes make me feel less free than America before the revolution, so why in the world would I ever take a picture of my outfit? That's like taking a thumbs up picture with the serial killer who's just pulled you into his van.

5. Nicknames. I don't do them here. If I do use a nickname, it's because I actually refer to the person that way in real life. Sure, I gave it a shot a few times but it just felt weird. So I stopped. I mean really? Is this Gossip Girl or something? No. It's not. although i have been told i look like a character on that show so basically i'm a celebrity.

6. Crafts/Cooking/Home Remedies. Come on, we've already acknowledged that everyone who reads this knows me, so you KNOW that these things do not exist in my life. The closest I got was trying that gelatin thing on my face that's supposed to make your pores smaller. It smelled like puke and burned my skin so I stopped all kitchen experiments and am still trying to recover.

7. My life isn't inspiring. If you have ever been inspired by something I wrote at some point in my life, I stand in awe of you and your ability to see depth where there is none. I can think of one, maybe two posts that came from somewhere deep in my soul, but they usually...don't. Other, bigger blogs devote time to helping their readers to reach for their goals, to be brave, and to be better people. I guess I'll give it a shot.

Go ahead. Pin it.

8. I haven't watched any of The Bachelorette this season. Shun me, it's fine.

peace and chicken tacos from that one little place down on center street because holymonoly those things are good


Friday, July 26, 2013

welcome to fabulous

In the last 5 days I have been in 5 different states. Can we just acknowledge that this is crazy? I mean, how in the world did I get so lucky? I love my summers like this - chuck full of vacations with almost no time to do anything else. People generally like to travel, but how in the world do I manage to plan a vacation every weekend? Maybe it's because I've been in Provo for 3 years straight and I'm starting to get antsy here. Maybe it's because my family has always done this during the summer and I just can't help myself. Maybe it's because I figure, when else am I going to be able to do this? Maybe it's because I've been in so many weddings I feel like I should be going on honeymoons too. Maybe it's because adventure is out there! And I can't help taking a teeny taste of it. I mean, if you can't get your blood pumping a little faster every now and then, how do you even know you're alive? that should become a song lyric. someone contact ben gibbard or adam levine. 

Well, there have been more than enough moments in my life recently that have gotten my blood moving through my body, proving that I am a living human being and not slowly turning into a zombie. Here are a few of those moments.

-Eating three delicious cookies from Paradise Bakery: chocolate chip, lemon zester, and the {{winner!!}} coconut chocolate chip. ohmygosh go get it right now. everything's better with coconut.
-Listening to The Lion King soundtrack. Anytime, anywhere, that gets me excited.
-Seeing a cop hiding out in the bushes and praying that he won't notice you going well over the speed limit. happens every time!
-Coming over the crest of the Las Vegas valley while listening to Brandon Flowers singing about how fabulous Las Vegas is. it's basically inspiring. 

-Driving on the strip. I try not to be too proud of my accomplishments, but dang. I will put that on all my resumes from here on out because I have never been so beyond the edge of my nerves in my life. all the lights! all the honking! all the limos! all the pedestrians! all the stop and go traffic while driving a stick shift!

-Manipulating parking garages. Daedalus (that's the guy who created the labyrinth and yes I had to go look that up just now) would be proud of the monstrosities we have constructed. They are endless and exitless and you will get eaten by a Minotaur before you find your way out.
-Interacting with people on the strip."Please don't touch me." "I'm sure you are an excellent Christian Rock singer but I just can't take that CD from you." "Excuse me I'm just trying to stand here." "No we are not going to any clubs tonight, no matter how many free drinks you offer us."

 people were so happy for us.

#stoodup #yousir #wouldyouliketomarryme?

-ACTUALLY watching the Bellagio fountains go off and feeling like we were in our own Ocean's Eleven show. Or on a date courtesy of ABC. see any season of the Bachelor/Bachelorette for reference.

-Trying to find the pool for a quick dip before checkout time and eventually just asking the strangers in the elevator with us where it is because you've gotten off on three different floors and it's nowhere to be seen. Only complaint with the pool: why was there no diving board or platforms or slides or lily-pads to crawl over? I mean, what do they expect us to do there? Just swim around and flirt with boys? 

found this gem on my camera while going through the pictures so i added some commentary and put it here.
cool. i know.

-Eating at Serendipity because that stuff was just so good and that word is just so fun. I also give my official thumbs up to the Frrrrrrrozen Hot Chocolate. Personally I'd just stick with the classic flavor but hey, it's your life. Live it the way you want! What's the phrase? #yol....never mind. I can't continue.

holy cow why is my best friend so pretty?

-Shopping. I don't even know where to begin with that. So many things to buy. I got some yellow-sandal-heel-things and can't wait to wear them...somewhere. A wedding maybe? Next week? Ok. Will do. I totally did the "selfie in the mirror" while trying on other clothes so that my bff could tell me what she thought while she perused a different store but I won't inflict those pictures on you.

so, i would always take pictures of the other three and then they'd offer to take one of me. 
but then no one would be in the photo with me.
so it looks like i went to vegas alone.

It was an exciting trip. From having a man named Jared come to our room to fix our TV at midnight to finding out the Nestle Tollhouse Cookies shop gave out free water to having heart attacks while walking through Tiffany's and wishing it was realistic for me to get some sparkly from there, it was just all good.

The last 10 minutes of the trip might have been the most exciting as we found ourselves spinning out of control across 4 lanes of traffic. All I have to say about that is miracles are real, everyone is fine, there were no collisions, and miracles are real. Wait, did I say miracles are real? Because guys, miracles are real. I've been saying prayers of gratitude that we're not all in the hospital with broken bodies right now.

Miracles, man.

peace and vegas


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Throwback: Parental Version

It's Thursday, the day for all the instagram pictures to be of little versions of ourselves and the hashtag #tbt to be tacked on the end of every post. Honestly, I love this whole Throwback Thursday thing. Think about it. Everyone with a phone smart enough is uniting in their desire to honor their heritage by looking to the days of old. It's not just some excuse for me to post a picture of when I looked like a blonde Asian child.

But really, tell me it isn't true.

editing job courtesy of me.

Anyway, back to the point. Throwback Thursday! I'm linking up with The Life of Bon again because that was fun last time and memories make me happy.


My parents are superb people who I highly enjoy being around. So much so that I'm desperately trying to finagle a trip to Logan with them this weekend, but that's a story for another day. Or not, because now that I think about it it's not really a story at all so moving on.

My parents have excellent senses of humor. No but really, they might be the funniest people I know. My dad always makes little puns that are terrible and we all roll our eyes at, but secretly we all think they're hilarious. My mom is the biggest prankster I have ever known and I am proud to be her daughter. I think this sense of humor is what makes me love being with my family so much. 

So the memory isn't very specific, which might seem like a cop out, but the memories we've had and continue to laugh about just can't be listed or told on a blog. You wouldn't understand the frustration and relief felt the first time my mom and I pulled the pony trailer by ourselves, the delight my dad and I had when the snow was so pristine and up to our waists and skiing felt like magic, the uncontrollable laughter my mom and I had while hiking Halfdome, the thrill of being on my dad's shoulders while on the very top of the tallest ladder from the church building in order to change a burned out Christmas light at the tippy top of the eave on our house. did you follow that?

Usually my favorite memories of my parents are just when we're around, joking and laughing and teasing and resolving to not tease so much but then following that resolution up with a joke. I love them a lot and if you haven't met them that's really just a shame.

On the Highline Trail in Glacier National Park, Montana

Outside the Prince of Wales Hotel in Waterton National Park, Canada 

On the beach in Seaside, Florida

Outside the Salt Lake City Public Library
i have to continue with the captions otherwise it's not uniform and i fail.

 Inside my Weiler Grandparent's old home when I just a baby and looked fabulous in that long white dress.
it'll happen again. 
like, when i dress up as ghost for halloween i mean.

During our river-rafting vacation in Moab in which we dominated Cataract Canyon.
Class 5 people. Class 5.

What's your favorite memory of your parents? Catch the throwback and consider it for a minute. such a stretch i don't even want to talk about it.

peace and parents


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

british boys

Yesterday night was one of those nights where I really didn't want to be around people. But didn't realize that until I was already among the throngs waiting for their half-off shake at Sonic. ps. always get the coconut cream pie shake. never get any sort of cheesecake shake. I'm just hoping that this aversion to the human race was a short-lived thing because I'm going to be around more than enough people for the next day and a half. And they are probably going to be more eccentric than the kind you find at a Sonic in Provo at 9:30pm.

And because the crush of the week from yesterday is still in full swing, I give you a few more baby-faced, angel-voiced boys as the Tuesday Tunes. Plus they're British so that's just a double bonus.

You know who else is British? Nicholas Hoult. My best friend sent me this yesterday with the caption "I'm crushed." Truer words were never typed.

Everybody is so focused on the fact that J-Law is in love again. I'm just focused on the fact that my dreams have basically been ruined. I should probably go somewhere I can forget my problems and just live in the moment, huh? Vegas? Ok. Done.

peace and slot machines


Monday, July 22, 2013

washington wedding

Welcome to another splendid #nomakeupmonday, brought to you by my face and the song "Boyfriend" by Justin Beiber, which I was reacquainted with during the 11 hour car ride to Spokane WA this weekend and has been my main beat ever since. Along with "All Day" by Cody Simpson. I'm just a sucker for the baby-faced boys with angel voices and super slick dance moves, ok? I guess you could say they're my crush of the week this week. And you probably should say so because I'm saying so.

Before I get into what I learned during the trip/wedding, let's just acknowledge that the first of the freshmen roommates is officially a Mrs. And it's super cray cray. But I mean, with a face as beautiful as hers, it was bound to happen eventually, right? Right. Ok. Fact acknowledged.

Also, did you know there's a town in Montana called Anaconda Opportunity? True story. Ok. Let's get on with this.

Everyone says how much you learn about people when you travel with them, and I attest that this is true. But as I think about it, I learned a lot about myself during this trip. And now I'm going to share those things

*I like things I didn't think I liked.
It makes sense, ok? Especially when it comes to Salt and Vinegar chips. Which, I admit, are good. I fought and fought the purchase of these potatoes but in the end, highly enjoyed them. But seriously, I don't like cilantro.

*I talk way too loud, especially when I'm with friends.
There was a delicious barbecue we were invited to upon arriving in Spokane. I was at a table with all the girls talking about anything and everything while groaning about how many cookies we had eaten and how good the homemade raspberry sorbet was. OHMYGOSHITWASSOGOOD. I was sharing my scientifically proven hypothesis that the size of your room in college directly correlates with how quickly you get married when I realized that everyone at the barbecue was staring at our table. Fortunately people from Arkansas are hilarious so they just played along and teased me about it the rest of the weekend.  shout out to the mother-in-law

*When given the chance, I am the most awkward.
After the barbecue the bachelorette party went down. Once we all got situated the hostesses told us all to ask the bride any question we wanted, making them as awkward as we could. I jumped at this and started asking away. Well, let's just say that other questions went along the lines of what the first date was, how he proposed, when she knew she loved him etc. Mine...weren't. It's whatever though. We got the most laughs and best stories out of my questions so I count it as a success.

You know what else was a success? That wonder-banana-caramel-chocolate-icecream-fantasy thing.
And that picture of the bride. Because shoot, she's a beaut.

*I say what I want.
The bride and groom walked out to the awaiting crowd and pictures were taken. They stood there, looking almost completely perfect. There was just one thing missing. So while everyone was taking in the general splendor of the moment in a quiet way, I yelled out, "KISS HER!" He did. Perfection was reached.

the fruits of my labor
#booyah #yourewelcome

*I open up rather quickly.
There were some super adorable girl-cousins at the wedding who go to school in Oregon and are super hipster and smart and have really long legs and beautiful faces. When I met them I decided I wanted to be friends with them. So I just dove right into all the good stuff, asking about relationships, travel plans, joking about political science and my future, sharing my greatest fears and how many children I want. It got real deep real quick.

*I take a ton of pictures.
Oh wait.... everyone everywhere already knows that. Let's try a collage so you don't have to scroll so much.

meh. the collage doesn't really do it for me, ya know? oh well. it took so dang long to make i'm going to use it.

*My friends know how to pose for a picture. I do not.
Just see for yourself.

Finally, after a "Rachel, just smile normally," this one kind of happened.

*I can get aggressive in a bouquet toss.
After not getting the bouquet more times than I can count this summer, I decided it was time. It was time for the flowers to be mine. The elbows were up and my dad would have been proud of the boxing out that went down in that crowd of girls. In the end, they're mine. I just start planning and wait for Mr. Right, right?

little sucker is mine.

*I'm not scared of strangers. Men, specifically.
On more occasions than I'd like to own up to, but must, I "made eyes" at men on the way through Idaho, Montana, and Washington.

The first was at Five Guys. I was starving. And really didn't want to wait for my food. So I tried to be charming with the cashier and the other guy behind the counter, asking questions about stupid things. Somehow it worked and I got my food before the people who had ordered ahead of me. #score.

There might have been an incident in the basketball gym when I really wanted to use one of the basketballs the other guys were using, another on the side of the freeway when we needed duct tape for the front of the car and I decided that the man in the maintenance truck would be a good person to ask (he offered me everything else he had and suggested the Walmart across the road, giving directions, but ultimately failed us), the tall young man in the gas station who I sweet talked 5 pieces of duct tape out of without paying, and the cowboy who stopped and insisted on helping with the duct tape job I had just finished. He left with a "I don't know why anyone else hasn't offered to help you already."

I had an ecclesiastical leader my freshman year who once talked about the "womanly hex." I'm beginning to think there's quite a bit of potential there....


All in all, it was great weekend with really fun people who were nice enough to put up with all my nonsense. I feel worn out from this post. Is that pathetic or what? Don't judge. Please.

Happy weddings!
peace and popcorn bars


Friday, July 12, 2013

4 Pics 1 Week...ish

-A lot of funny things happen when you're on a road trip with the Weilers. This one took the cake though. After stopping to get groceries in Pocatello and trying to get everything to fit in the already jammed packed minivan, Caroline and I heard my dad muttering about how he was going to keep the watermelon cool. We heard "Ok, that'll work," and turn to see the watermelon tucked away with one of the bike helmets keeping it safe. I about peed my pants right there in the middle of the parking lot.

-Sometimes my parents can convince us to help with yard work. But sometimes it's at the house in Logan and it's just super muddy and you come away with hobbit feet that way 6 pounds heavier than normal.

-Stupidest, most addicting game. "Llama or Duck?" And a lot harder than you'd think it would be. And all the pictures of the llamas are priceless. We spent a good hour passing the phone between me, my sister, two cousins, and uncle. Family bonding right ther.

-While sitting on the boat with my 8 and 10 year old cousins, I called them babushkas. They absolutely loved that and took every opportunity to do their best imitation of the Russian grandmas. They even got my sister to do the same during our only-girl-cousin-slumber-party. And doesn't Caroline look great?

I've also never gotten better boy advice than from those little girls.

peace and drinks from sonic
you know who you are