Saturday, March 26, 2011

Better Than the Last

I promise this post will be better than the last one.

Last semester my roommates and myself decided that we wanted to take advantage of the 6 temples that are within an hour of our apartment. Catherine and I have lived in Salt Lake our whole lives, and remarked at how astonishing it was that we hadn't tried to visit more of them before. Our roommates, who are not from Utah, were also astonished at the fact that there were 6 temples so close to each other. It IS pretty cool.

So. We embarked, in this order:

1. Provo

2. Salt Lake

3. Timpanogos


4. Jordan River

5. Oquirrh (this was today's temple)

Next up...
6. Draper

I'm so glad that I have such fun people to go with me on these excellent adventures. We've been able to experience different temples but feel the same comforting Spirit while at each. We've had fun spending time with each other. We've had fun with other friends who have come with us. We've made memories while serving. We've been blessed by the temple.

Please click here to learn more. This means a lot to me.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Hello, my name is Hypocrite.

I apologize in advance. I know that I have previously written about how we should look for the good in our less than optimal days-and I still believe that we should. Sometimes though, days are rough. Is it ok if I admit that? Is it ok if I talk about how this day has been rough? If not, please go to a happier page where you won't have to read the words of a hypocrite. I might suggest this website. Or this one. If it is ok, then you may stay on this page.

This morning I left for work wearing a jacket, flip-flops, and capris. It was a little bit chilly but nothing that I couldn't handle. (This information will be useful later on) When I got to work there was a list of transcriptions that STILL needed to be done. We've been working on these things for about 2 weeks now, and I swear they're going to be the death of me.

  • Transcription: the process of listening to people talk about boring things during interviews and typing up everything they say. Often these people have irritating voices and certain phrases they say over and over and over that sometimes drive the listener crazy. In order to get every word down, the listener/typer/SECRETARY must slow down the voices to the point that they sound like robots, which only makes the listening experiences that much more enjoyable.

I decided I was just going to get through one of the interviews. I seemed to be the only one working on them, so I was just going to get a big chunk of them done and never have to listen to Marene, Jimmy, Jerry, or Lisa ever again.

Two and a half hours later, I pressed the rewind button for the 753rd time, and disaster struck. All the work I had done suddenly disappeared. I had 3 minutes left on the track (which would have taken about 10 minutes to transcribe) and it erased it all. 

I almost started to cry. (not really)
I almost started to yell. (yes really)
I considered hiring an assassin for myself. (don't worry, I'm still here. Typing this right now)
I almost picked up the computer and through it across the room. (then I remembered it's worth more than my life)
I asked to leave work 10 minutes early because I couldn't face it anymore. (yes. I really did. It worked)

I made my way to the door, looked outside, and was dismayed. There was precipitation coming down outside. Not rain, not snow, not hail, but some sort of slush. Slush, falling from the sky. Remember the beginning of this post? I was wearing flip-flops, capris, and a fleece jacket. Let me repeat: there was slush falling from the sky. As I walked to the Marriott Center, my toes turned red and lost feeling. It felt as if I was walking on stumps. Always a pleasant feeling.

And through all of this wonderful day, I had THE GREATEST song stuck in my head...Curse you Rebecca Black.

So, there's my hypocrite blog. Sorry for being depressing. Sometimes, I'm just depressing. I try to be happy most of the time, but sometimes, days are just rough.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

School's Out...

...Oh wait. No it's not.

Unlike the rest of college age population, BYU students don't get a Spring Break. But that doesn't stop us from have a great time. Take the past few days from this BYU student's life:

Friday: Our friend Brian came over. We went to get some ice cream and then spent the night doing MadLibs. If you ever need a laugh, here is your answer.

Saturday: The roommates (Kate, Bridget, Ariel) and myself went to the mall and had fun together. We watched some basketball as a few of us got ready to go to the dance later that night. Everyone had a hand in helping us get ready. It was very much like a chick-flick with girls loaning clothes and doing hair. Very fun. The dance itself was a party to say the least. Great decorations, great food, great company, great moves.

Sunday: I accompanied some friends for their musical number in church. It went well and I'm glad that I still have the ability to play the piano. All those lessons must have paid off. We had great talks, lessons, and meetings. Then it was time to drive up to Salt Lake to celebrate Caroline's birthday by having a wonderful dinner at Spencer and Annie's place. It was good to see everyone, as always.

Picture is missing Dad, who was taking the picture.
Monday: Bridget and I went and played badminton with some kids from our ward. (Thank you Coach Marlowe for teaching me so well during Lifetime Sports) I'm decent and Bridget is great so we made a pretty good team. Then Lindsay came down to stay the night! We went to a birthday party, went on a late night run to In n Out, and just spent some quality time together.

We might not have a Spring Break, but that doesn't mean that BYU students don't have fun. In fact, I think I may be having too much fun...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sweet Caroline...

Dun Dun Dahhh....

I know, I know, you get that all the time. But hey, might as well carry on the tradition. Happy Birthday little sister! Here we go, 15 things I love about you, coming right up... But first, let's listen to it just once.

  1. You used to have 12 tie-dye shirts and would wear them and only them
  2. You could created  LEGO creations (which were supposed to take days) in hours
  3. You are super talented and dedicated to what you do (saxophone, clarinet, piano, cross-country)
  4. You catch fish from our pond and dissect them
  5. You are very beautiful, even if you did go through awkward phase
  6. You had an awkward phase and I loved it
  7. You forgive me quickly when I'm not the best older sister
  8. You came into my room and stayed forever (sometimes I hated it, sometimes I only pretended to hate it)
  9. You read your scriptures and write in your journal every night
  10. You respond to my crazy facebook chat messages
  11. You have awesome dance moves
  12. You don't like me playing with your hair, but let me do it sometimes anyway
  13. You keep your room clean
  14. You tell me when my outfit looks weird
  15. You are my sister.

Happy Birthday CJ! I love and miss you.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Over the Hill?

To my Dad, Kirk Weiler. Not Kurt, Krik, or Queed (that's my grandpa), but KIRK. Here are some things I love about you. One for every year...
  1. You make it possible for me to be at BYU
  2. You pay for a meal plan that is coveted by those who do not have one
  3. You used to tussle with me when I was a young child
  4. You would put a blanket over your head and become "The Shadow"
  5. You take me on fun vacations
  6. You measure RVs with a log over your head
  7. You always keep the lawn looking nice
  8. You get smug when you say something clever
  9. You did 50 push-ups last year just to prove that you could (51 this year?)
  10. You pay for me to go skiing
  11. You take care of my taxes
  12. You can cook 
  13. You like to be outside and have passed that trait on to me
  14. You made me hike Mount Timpanogos when I was 10
  15. You helped me realize how fun water skiing can be
  16. You taught me how to do dishes
  17. You are a good driver and always get us home safe
  18. You always make sure the hot tub is in good condition
  19. You've helped me with a lot of homework
  20. You taught me how to correctly throw a ball
  21. You have explained 401Ks, taxes, and other money stuff to me many times
  22. You used to let me push you into our pool in Las Vegas
  23. You've provided me with a car ever since I could drive
  24. You taught me how to be more aware of others
  25. You drove Rebecca, Spencer and me down the canyon even though you had a broken collar bone
  26. You are funny
  27. You make your own lyrics to the hymns (Put your shoulder to the wheel push along....We all have work, my name is KIRK...)
  28. You like eggnog
  29. You put up with us making fun of you 
  30. You like to balance utensils and various objects after dinner
  31. Your favorite ride at Disney Land is Mr. Toad's Wild Ride (or at least I've always associated you with that one)
  32. You cleaned the windows above the kitchen sink
  33. You quote Shadow from Homeward Bound perfectly 
  34. You quote Shadow from Homeward Bound despite the fact that I always thought it was mean (it's actually very funny)
  35. You yell "Gryffindor!" like the Sorting Hat
  36. You insist on saying dinosaur in a way that rhymes with "hour"
  37. You call Dobby the elf Doby
  38. You made up the word "drow" because it's "word" backwards
  39. You wear knee-braces on both knees, which I think is awesome
  40. You'll often have cuts on your hands/arms and you don't know where they came from
  41. You eat peaches and milk (sometimes)
  42. You had bread soaked in milk as a child and thought it was good...yuck
  43. You did crazy things as a child and I like those stories
  44. You keep a dollar bill in your scriptures to remember that the scriptures are more important than money
  45. You can do a dock start with a slalom ski (can you still do that?)
  46. You taught me how to drive a motorcycle even though I was underage
  47. You suffered through early morning carpools with snobby teenagers
  48. You hit my thumb with a hammer 
  49. You married Mom
  50. You take care of my siblings and me
  51. You are my Dad.
Over the hill? Never.

Happy Birthday Dad. I love you.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Aloe Vera for the Soul

Yesterday was a great day. After stake conference (which I was unexpectedly called upon to speak in) a big group of my friends all went out on the grass hill near our buildings. We sat there, chatting, snacking, and playing games for a good 5 hours. It was grand.

As the day went on, however, we realized that something was happening. Our once pasty white skin was rapidly turning pink, red, and in some cases, purple. As the night progressed I was overcome with chills, headaches, and the sensation of my flesh being on fire. (Dramatic yes, but I assure you it was uncomfortable) That's when the Aloe Vera was busted out.

As I applied this soothing balm to my battered skin, the feeling of relief was instantaneous and thorough. I sat there, considering my history with sunburns and marveling at how dumb I am. Every year I think that I somehow am stronger than the sun. Every year I burn. Every year I apply gallons of Aloe Vera. Every year it soothes my pain.

The Atonement of Jesus Christ is the same way, except it is not a once a year thing. It is constant. As I consistently fall, make wrong choices, and struggle through challenges- as I consistently think that I am stronger than I really am and consistently allow myself to be burned by the fiery darts of the adversary, Christ is consistently there to sooth my injuries. His Atonement allows Him to understand completely the pain of my physical sunburn and, more importantly, my spiritual burns. And, like Aloe Vera, He applies the balm of love, compassion, support and strength in order to sooth my injuries.

I am so grateful.

To read more on the healing power of the Atonement go here:
The Healer's Art

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Better Than Ruby Red

Let's think of the most famous shoes ever. Do you have your answer? My answer is Dorothy's ruby red slippers. I admit that they are magical, what with transporting her from the world of Oz back to Kansas. They're pretty cool. I just have one complaint/question:

Why only one color?

These are my party shoes. One of my friends said they looked like a birthday party. I consider that a great compliment. My mom gave them to me about a month ago and I love them.

I could teach Dorothy a few things about footwear.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

To Bean or Not to Bean

This past weekend I traveled back to Salt Lake to celebrate some birthdays in my family. It was fun to see everyone, but the highlight of the trip might just have been the game that Rebecca and Wes introduced to the fam. The purpose was to plant beans that you can later harvest and turn in for coins. It's a game of wits, bartering, and economic understanding.

It's called Bohnanza.

I highly recommend it. And if you do ever play, here's one suggestion- Don't ever go for the wax beans. They're bad news.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Eavesdropping Entertainment

Today I was sitting in my History class, waiting for the daily quiz to appear. I still had a few minutes, so I was looking over some of my keywords for the class. I wasn't completely focusing and overheard a conversation taking place directly behind me. It was in regards to the most recent campus news, that of the excusal of basketball player Brandon Davies from the BYU team. Here's how it went:

Guy: "I don't know, I think that our team will be ok. I hope that our team will be ok."
Girl: "Yeah, hopefully. He was a pretty key player though."
Guy: "I know. Man, things will be alright though. This is just a trial of our faith."

He was dead serious. 
I lost it. I sat there, laughing, for the next 3 minutes.
Come on guys. I mean, I like a good basketball game as much as the next person, but let's not get our religion confused with a sporting event.