Wednesday, July 8, 2015

save it

There's a lot of crazy happening around here lately. I mean, I've never really thrown a party before in my life, and now I'm planning one to rival my little sister's 1st birthday i tell you that was the craziest party the canyon rim neighborhood had ever seen. Fortunately my mom is master party thrower, so you can look forward to another event done by Jennie Weiler and co. 

Harry and I are just trying to not gain too much weight between now and the day we wed. And by trying I mean not trying because we ordered an entire pizza for lunch today and ate it all in about 9 minutes flat. Here's to taking out seams of wedding dresses! But I mean, pizza makes me happy. And tasting wedding cake. And saying "Yes to the Dress" no matter what the circumstance I'm saying yes to is.

Harry: "You wanna climb tomorrow with me and my buddies?"
Rachel: "I....I....tense moment with Randy's anxious face... I'm saying YES to the DRESS!!!!"
Harry: "Ok cool."
Rachel: twirls

Anyway, we were going to get married in September, but why do that when you can get married in August? 

Life: "You wanna get married in August rather than September?"
Rachel: "I....I....tense moment with Randy's anxious face... I'm saying YES to the DRESS!!!!"

August 20th. 
Love to see you there.

peace and dominos
we'll probably just order a bunch of pizzas in place of catering