Tuesday, January 28, 2014

a story from the swkt

It was a late night in the basement of the Spencer W. Kimball Tower, otherwise known as the SWKT. The sky had not been seen in over 8 hours and all students of Political Science 328 were on edge trying to get their assignment sent from Hades done. Keyboards were clicking away more than those Irish River Dances, formulas and equations were being yelled out randomly across the lab, and food was being snuck in like the place was a movie theater.

I was among them. Having finally completed a more difficult part of the assignment in which statistical equations were tediously entered into a Word document ps to the world: there's a reason it's a WORD document. words are supposed to go in it. not mumbo jumbo stats lingo. I moved on to start on the next part. That's when Microsoft Word decided to stop. I hadn't saved my work. I almost started crying.

But instead I said to myself, "Rachel, you are ok. You are not going to punch this computer because you are an adult and can control yourself. You are not going to cry because you. are. an. adult."

My corner of the room busted up in laughter. Apparently my pep talk hadn't been heard by only me.

Life points obtained through this experience: 3 ten piece chicken nugget meals

Other events from my life.

Super fun date to the Olympic Trials up in Park City.

While on said date we both consumed what is called the "Train Wreck." 
Yes it has a hamburger patty, friend chicken breast, onion rings, and bacon on it.
We got a nutella shake to go with it. Naturally.

^^^No worries. My date was man enough.^^^

^^^When you have to turn an assignment in before 8 am you sometimes wear this to campus.^^^
Yes this is my study partner.
Yes I am proud.

^^^My best friend slept over this weekend. It was a dream come true. For the boys in my ward.^^^

^^^And finally, who can resist such a cutie as this? One of the best nights this week.^^^

peace and toasted cinnamon raisin bagels

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

life's good.

Welcome to the post in which I talk about how good my life is. Yep. That's all I'm about to do so if you're hatin' on happiness right now, well...then...go watch The Fox and the Hound and just cry. Because that's all you can really do in that movie. Or you can stay here and revel in my life. Your choice is obvious, so just make sure to pop some popcorn and take a tissue box because when the words "when you're the best of friends" start being sung, you're going to need them.

Anyway. My life is great because I just ate two brown sugar cinnamon poptarts, which I got for free and are by far the best flavor of poptarts. I also woke up an hour late this morning but still managed to get a shower in and make it to class on time. that's right family. up, showered, and out in under 30 minutes. Plus I'm wearing poofy sleeves that I like to think make my muscles look "swoll." swole? swoul? i'm obviously not a man who goes to the gym. so...good news there! I ran into friends on campus, a cute boy said hi to me twice on separate occasions ok ok ok. i totally sat in the exact same spot where he walks but i mean that's alright and my phone battery lasted all day. I also got the most hilarious text from my little sister that totes made me lol right in the middle of my professor's long winded, jargon filled, intellectual rant about the weaknesses in the Progressivism ideas of reaching a perfect future and blah blah blah.

As a background, my sister is taking the same AP Literature course I took in high school from the same teacher I had. And I quoteth,

"Today in English Thackeray was asking all these questions about Our Mutual Friend and what the symbolism was for a character. I was the only one who knew all the answers every time because you had written them in book. I felt like Harry Potter using the Half Blood Prince's potion book."

I will grow up to be Professor Snape. Which is just one more reason to love my life.

oh hey sister. nice job on that jump.

love me some east millcreek.

peace and new socks
i submit that putting those on is one of the greatest feelings in the world
which, surprise surprise, was also part of my day today


Monday, January 13, 2014

for pity's sake

I have no idea what I'm going to say in this post but I've just spent 8 hours in the basement of the SWKT. There. That's what I wanted to say and wow that wasn't very difficult to get out was it? I guess I'm better at asking for pity than I thought I was. And here I've been, thinking I've had a small amount of pride. It's about time I stopped fooling myself. So here goes.

Pity me. Please. Pity me. When you run into me on campus, hug me. If you see me staring blankly at the Cool Whip section in the store, take my hand and guide me to a better place. If I'm laying face down on the floor somewhere, just leave me there. I'm probably better off. If I show up to a social gathering looking like a hobo and muttering STATA commands under my breath then I actually won't blame you for keeping a wide distance because that's really something that I'm hoping doesn't happen.

So. Like I said, I am now accepting pity (preferably in the form of ski passes) for what will be the worst and yet greatest semester of my college experience.
Cuz dang I've met some cool people.
But dang education is hard.

And now I have a question for you. If it is winter and you live in Utah and do not go see the ice castles in Midway, then is it really winter?
Either way, pictures.
Because family.

 typical spencer

such a great capture, if i do say so myself.
and i do.

Well cool. (literally...heh heh heh ah yikes)
peace and stats


Monday, January 6, 2014

idaho, provo, and cookies

Welp. I'm back in Provo. It's only been about 8 months since I've done school so like, no worries about that. Yesterday I attended what a fellow ward member and neighbor termed "Runway Sunday," which is the Sunday of first impressions. The rule is that you must look your best in order to attract those of the opposite gender, thus opening yourself up to dating opportunities for the remainder of the semester. It's a defining event with consequences that have the potential to influence your eternity, thus making it the most important day of the semester.

And I forgot to shower.

So we'll just put a big old "awesome blossom" stamp on that and start brainstorming things I'm going to do in the next 3 months other than date. I'm thinking African dancing because can you picture anything better than a Weiler trying to do that? Me either.

That's about all I have to say, so here are some pictures from the spontaneous Idaho tour my dad and I did last week. Oh, and one video because I mean...cookies.

And that's that. Eat some cookies. Or bring them to me. :)

peace and pepperidge farm

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Ohmygosh New Years was a blast. I have bruises on my feet because I decided to be brave and try heels at an all night dance party. But oh hey, let's give 500 life points to me because despite my footwear I didn't fall or roll my ankle once. While dancing. This is a big deal.

Also,  my little sister is having a party tonight with her friends. I swear, she has more friends in this house than I ever did in all of junior high and high school combined. But you know who I did and still do have?

My best friend.
Shoot dang did we have a riot on New Years.

It's amazing what determination, self timer, and a tripod can do for ya. Aka. I have dozens and dozens of these photos. And I love everyone of them.

peace and sparkling cider