Thursday, February 27, 2014

status update

I am currently sitting in a computer lab on campus shivering like the drowned cat I so closely resemble in appearance. Not only did I get minimal amounts of sleep last night thanks to a take home midterm, but it's raining outside as opposed to inside? yes. I have one coat with a hood on it and that coat is my skiing parka. Which is fine. I love that coat because it has cool zippers in the armpits so I don't get too hot while shredding the gnar. if you didn't laugh at my use of that phrase then don't worry. i'm laughing for you.  And you know, keeping me from being too hot while skiing is actually pretty difficult to do. I mean, have you seen me ski?

sarcasm. sarcasm. i more often than not fly down the hill with no sense of control with my poles flying all over the place. i should probably figure out what the heck i'm supposed to be doing with those by now, right? 

Anyway, I didn't wear that parka coat because the walk to school is uphill. And no matter what the temperature outside is, that walk will cause you to enter your first class with that stunningly terrible, sticky, moist feeling of sweat all over your upper body, especially on your neck under your hair. Blech. I think that might be one of my least favorite things ever. Along with being called "dude," "man," and "bro." I mean really? I know that sometimes I struggle with the whole makeup/hair/outfit coordinating thing that so defines my gender but come on. I'm not a "homie bro."

So I didn't wear that coat, the only one with a hood, in order to prevent my body from feeling like a handful of melting Skittles. So my hair might be dripping wet and drying into what I could only describe as a mullet Billy Ray Cyrus would envy.

And I wonder why I get called "man."

In other news my lower back is killing me. I'm holding to the argument that this pain has been caused by carrying a backpack around all day and am completely dismissing the more probable hypothesis that I was shaking my hips too hard in Zumba and pulled a muscle or something. Because I mean, who does that? me. i do that.

You know what else I do? Watch the Olympics with my family and then become inspired and perform feats of incredible physical ability. Prepare to be amazed.


Stay strong mi amigos. Do Zumba.
peace and hip thrusts


Thursday, February 20, 2014

bryce is nice.

Today my family had a dinner to celebrate the birth of my older sister. The dinner was held up in Salt Lake and all were in attendance. Minus one middle child. Why wasn't I there? Because school has taken over almost all aspects of my life and drained me of all creativity. I'm about as creative as...well...I can't even think of anything. Which proves my point exactly.

I was sad I couldn't make it to dinner because whatever it was they were having was probably better than my bowl of oatmeal.

#jklolhags oatmeal is the best.

If you haven't gathered there is no point to my rambling. Oh wait, there is. I missed my family gathering today but hey, it'll be ok. (status: poet) I'll just remember how great that three day weekend (that I'm still trying to get back from mentally) was. Because southern Utah will always win.

Caroline threw a snowball through this hole and earned $100 by doing so.
The offer was revoked as soon as the feat was accomplished.

I turned the corner and was greeted by this ^^^.


I think Caroline's trying to move her hips.
I'll have to teach her a few things.

Off season hiking comes with pros and cons.
This ^^^ was a pro.

Me: "Laugh"
Caroline: (insert hyena noises)

She actually did miss me. I knew it.

"sitting-on-top-of-the-hoodoo selfie"

Hops so mad I should probably just be...
less white.

Masters of the off season.

Stay tuned for videos from the trip. Aka "Weiler Olympics."
peace and 79 cent corndogs from Arctic Circle

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

girls are great

This is to the girls that are great. The girls that are fun and awesome and do cool things and use their brains to exercise their independence and who care about those around them. Those great girls who are always there for their friends and for strangers, for boys and for girls. Who spend all day baking treats for the entire ward, who take an hour of their time to comfort their wreck of a friend, who send texts and funny snaps just to wish someone a happy day. Those girls who speak up in class to voice their opinions, who compliment strangers, who smile and laugh when they read something funny, who have hobbies and talents that they are proud of. The girls who can fix my computer and draw my blood and help me with statistics and make art and music and life. The girls who forgive and serve and totally rock at Just Dance. To all the great girls out there.

You are great. You are great friends. You have great senses of humor. You have great hair and you have great smiles. But sometimes being great doesn't feel so great. Sometimes great girls don't get asked on dates or do so great on tests or have really great days.

That doesn't mean you are not great. Or that you should stop being great. There is greatness in you and I'm glad I've gotten to see it. If you're not feeling so great, come on by. I'd love to tell you how truly great I think you are.

peace and happiness and snapchats
shoot dang why do i feel so happy?
also, chalk this up to sappy songs on spotify