Friday, May 27, 2011

You can call me Pocahontas

So there's a new style sweeping through the student population. One word:


Love her or hate her for stealing Justin from us,
 Selena seems to be flying high with her feather features.

Wow. I should apply for Seventeen magazine.

Is this fashion going to soar or plummet? Do you like the look?

I hope you say yes, because I just feathered up my "do."

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Is this murder?

I love sandals. I enjoy being able to protect my feet and at the same time have that joyous feeling of freedom that can really only be experienced while going barefoot. I love the sandals that are durable, that you could go hiking in but then turn around and wear them to the lake or pool. Especially in this recent weather, I love being able to get my feet wet and have the comfort of knowing that the sandals can handle it and that they'll be dry in 5 minutes. I love sandals because they easily accomodate my big Big Toe. I don't have to worry about the toe being pressed up against the front of my shoe. Man, that's a relief.

Haha, too much information? Sorry.



Honestly, I would have kept wearing these but I have a loving mother who surprised me with these beauties this weekend when I went home. Oh, aren't they just adorable?

Thank you mom! I love you even more than I love sandals.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dear Caroline

How do you do it? Not only do it, but enjoy it too?

You can take credit for my enrollment in this jogging class. I signed up for it because you love to run. I thought that it would be fun to get some exercise and see what the big deal was. I've gotten the exercise but I'm still waiting for the moment of epiphany when I just love running and never want to you. Right now all I feel is pain. Pain while I run, pain while I sit, pain when I walk, pain as I type. (Ok, not really on the last one. Running doesn't hurt my fingers. I was just trying to make a point, and that point is PAIN)

So, my question for you is this (as well as all runners who might read this): did you go through this period of pain before you just loved running or is this a personal sign that I should give up all exercise and just lay in bed all day?

Currently, I'm leaning toward the latter of the two.

Anyway, Caroline, I'm really trying here. I'll keep going too, but that marathon is going to have to wait... for a few years. Like, until the time when they invent something that can run the marathon for you and still give you the satisfied feeling, burned calories, and toned leg muscles. When that happens, I'll totally run with you.

Until then,

Monday, May 16, 2011

If you beg it...they will come.

(I hope that some people got the movie reference there. If not, please click here.)

Anyway....I had visitors this past weekend. But not the kind that Kevin Costner did in that trailer you just watched. (Or skipped over) These visitors were real. They weren't attractive baseball players in uniform, but they brought me joy. I give you Amanda Mo and Cashwen. (Amanda and Catherine)

I begged.
They came.
We chatted.
Pictures were taken.

We missed the other three, Kate, Bridget, and Ariel. I mean, come on you guys! Utah is where you're supposed to be.

PS. All of the girls mentioned in this blogpost are my former roommates. They all went home for summer and left me in Provo by myself. Fortunately Catherine lives close and Amanda was in Salt Lake for a wedding. Hence, I BEGGED. And they came, bless their hearts.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Is it just me?

I've had this problem ever since elementary school. I wonder if it is just me, or if other people have had similar situations. Perhaps it is my demeanor, my countenance, the first impression I give to people. Maybe I have unknowingly committed some foul misdemeanor which has sentenced me to, what seems like, a life long trial.

My problem is THE SECRETARY.

I realize that this may sound extremely ironic, seeing as I AM a secretary, but please, hear me out.

It started in elementary school. I admit that I was a suck up to the teachers, the recess duty, the lunch lady, and just about every other adult around school. I wanted to be well-liked and accepted by those who, at the time, were some of the most powerful people in my life. Hence, the suck up. But there was always that one person who, no matter how much I thanked them, smiled at them, and waited patiently for, never gave me the time of day. In fact, that secretary in the Canyon Rim office went out of her way to ignore me. Given, I was an annoying 5-12 year old, but I really tried with her. I would enter the office and wait patiently for her to end her phone call with her friend, look up from her book, or stop gossiping about the horrible behavior of the students with the other lady in the office. She would never acknowledge me. It killed me. It still does just remembering it today.

Wasatch Jr. High, same story.

Skyline High School, same story.

Brigham Young University....


I can see why a middle aged woman might not really want to try to help a teenager out, but now? Ok, I'm not much older and maybe still as annoying, but I'm trying to get something done and you, yes you, Mrs. 46 Year Old Secretary Sipping a Jamba and Shopping Online While Ignoring Me, are not helping me out. We're students, yes. We are young adults, not complete adults, but it's because of that fat check called "tuition" that we give to the ASB each semester that you even have a paying job.

So please, treat me like a human being. I promise to do the same.


Disclaimer: This post contains my thoughts, almost exactly as I think them, minus a few movies clips, memories too long to describe and a good number of side thoughts. Not to mention the song that was stuck in my head as I wrote it. I guess it's a type of stream of consciousness. Thus is might be confusing. It usually is for me...

Is simplicity something that ever happens anymore? Is anything ever simple? Has my life always been so complicated or is that just a new thing going on? If I tried to live outside of complicated I'm pretty sure it wouldn't work. Our world works on complicated. Even things that seem simple really aren't when you think about them. Like, that piece of paper. It's flat, it's white, it's blank. It's a piece of paper. Simple. But no. Think of the complicated process that went into that paper. A seed had to grow for years, turn into a tree, be cut down, shredded, chemically altered, mixed, processed, somehow turned into paper, packaged, paid for, sent out, delivered, stored, paid for, taken home, and put on my desk. Simple? I think not.

So it isn't simple. Nothing is simple. Is that the point? If every were simple, would nothing be simple? Kind of like in Incredibles when Syndrome, aka Bobby, wants to make everyone super so that no one is super? Maybe if everything were simple, nothing would be worthwhile. All of the complicated things, once they're worked out, usually produce the most worthwhile things. But then once they're worked out does that make them simple or just working in a complicated way? We pay millions of dollars for complicated works of art. But at the same time pay a lot of money for what is advertised as simple furniture, simple ways to clean, simple answers to weight loss and simple ways to find love. That's one we hear all the time. Simple love. What the heck? I don't think there's such a thing. When you love someone aren't there factors upon factors that go into that feeling of affection? Plus getting to that point has never seemed simple. At least not in all the chick flicks I've seen. Speaking of, when does that next movie come out?....And all of those things i thought of before I went on a spiel about love aren't really that simple. So what does simple mean? Am I simple? But when you call someone simple it's usually an insult to their intelligence. So as you gain more and more intelligence do you become less and less simple? Do we want to become more and more complicated? I hope not. I feel like complication is a con. Can I live a simple life in this world full of complicated systems, organizations, and false claims of simplicity?

Does SIMPLICITY even exist? Why do we even have that word? And who was the lucky person (or were they unlucky? Man, having to name everything...?) that got to decide what to call everything? Because of them I look at that thing and think "mirror." And am I looking at a mirror or am I looking at myself.....?

Oh boy. My philosophy class must be getting to my head.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday, May 2, 2011

The day so far.
6:30 am: Get up and finish paper
7:15 am: Get ready for the day
8:30 am: Walk to class
9:00 am: Run for an hour
10:00 am: Sit in class for two hours
12:00-5:00 pm: Transcriptions at work.
I am currently at this point in the day

What I will be doing later this day.
12:00 am: Go to sleep.

Sound good to you?