Monday, April 29, 2013

why? Q/A of my life

Everyone knows that the first and best way to combat a long day at work is to facebook stalk. But let's get real, the person we stalk the most on facebook is ourselves. Right? Come on, am I right? I CAN'T BE THE ONLY ONE. PLEASE. Ok, whatever. I'm the only one. But let me tell you, I facebook stalk myself bad. Like, go back through everything I've ever posted, conversations I've had with people, my messages, my likes, my employment and my favorite quotes still working on that one. It's like I have to check to make sure that I'm actually who I am. Occasionally I'm proud to own up to the things I've done on facebook because dang, sometimes you just say something clever and you are proud of it.

Other times you wonder why such things ever made it to facebook. Sure, sometimes you get tagged in a horrendous picture and you know it was put up solely because the person posting it looks like a Brazilian Butt-lift model in it and you have to respect that.

But sometimes it's just all on you.

Today I give you the facebook fails I have brought on myself. Pictures that I look at and just wonder...."why?" Feel free to judge. I certainly am.

Because nothing says "look how cool I am on my first road trip without parents" like a triple chin, sunburned nose, and hippy headband. #juniortourforlife

Because it was the first time living on my own and I could. And I mean, if you can look like an orc, go for it.

Because the "frenchman low ponytail" look was totally in all summer and I'm driving the coolest jeep in the world through bear country. boom.

I have no idea.
I was a freshman and took pictures of everything. 
no but really, there are 4 albums

Because the natural thing to do when you go to Mesa Verde is to take a picture that looks like you're trying to eat it.

I hope this post makes you feel better about yourself. And to all my friends and family who endured these times, thank you. Thank you for not abandoning me and for having hope. Just...don't let such things happen again.

peace and ukraine
totes official going there
more later


Thursday, April 25, 2013

in honor of april 25th, the perfect date

Good news guys. I finally thought of my absolute perfect date. no, i didn't actually go on the perfect date. i just thought about it. which...i embrace. thinking is a forte of mine, remember? If a man were to take me on this date I would marry him the next day. (as long as he had an adequate understanding and appreciation for Harry Potter, cheese, Glacier National Park, and respected Nicholas Hoult as the most attractive man on the planet).

So yeah. I thought of that date. Cool beans.

Wait, did you want me to tell you about it? I'm sorry but no can do. Why? I don't know. I'm just weird like that. Maybe later.

In other news:
-My entire left leg is in pain. I think it might be growing, in which case, I will be lopsided.
-A professor asked me how to do his job (basically) today at work and I just had to tell him I had no idea and that he could call the library for help. when in doubt, call the library.
-I'm making my second appearance in Provo this weekend. my family be all like "whaaaaaa?"
-Saw Top Gun for the first time and didn't really get it/like it.
-Campus looked as close to Hogwarts as it ever will today, what with all the robes swirling around and obvious levitation charms being cast on people while trying to take pictures.
-I thought about going to a big city this summer but then got scared and changed plans to go to the mountains. Surprise!
-Tulip festival anyone? *forewarning: i may or may not break my oath to not take pictures of flowers during this event. i may or may not talk to you due to my taking pictures of flowers. does this make any sense?

peace and zandaya
she's my favorite on dancing with the stars.


Monday, April 22, 2013


This is post is written in an effort to add clarification to confusion, to stifle rumors, and adequately inform any who have asked questions pertaining to previous posts and/or pictures put on this blog. This is all due to my mom asking me why all of my old ward members/leaders/friends who are hip enough to have instagram and nice enough to read this blog were asking if I was engaged.

I am not engaged.

While everyone and their dog is getting engaged and married this fine spring/summer season it's like 101 Dalmatians up in here, I am not. I am involved with a few weddings because I love my friends, hence the pictures of me with wedding dresses, poofy hairnet things, and hashtags like #shoppingforaweddingdress and #tistheseasontobemarried.

Seeing all these wonderful people so happy and excited makes me so happy and excited. In fact, I think I like this position better than actually being engaged because I don't have to do any wedding planning. But I do get to feel like I'm on Say Yes to the Dress and I have an excuse to shop at places that have bright pink boxes and bags.'s a win win.

Know what else was a win win? This weekend. So many good things happened and I just had a blast. There was the Egypt Art Festival, The Boys and Girls Club Gala, seeing old friends and bonding over pizza from The Pie, laughing hysterically at stupid memes at 1:30am, seeing the best movie in the world again and then yelling about the significance of the perfect "questioning eyebrow" with my Lindsay-friend. My family played croquet i lost, like i always do tried our hands at "speed croquet," which is the single most terrifying experience I have had in the last 3 and a half years i lost that one too, sat around a fire in the backyard, laughed at the stories of my brother-in-law and his older brother when they were kids, and laughed at our own antics and stupid injuries we've sustained over the years the best were the really bad whiplash i gave myself my looking up at a launching rocket too fast and spencer's use of unpleasant leaves in the wilderness. 

It was a spectacular weekend and ended on the perfect note with emails from across the globe. technology rocks.


Art Festival

I don't know how many comments were made about how the camel "is better behaved than her other boyfriend" by random parents standing by while this picture was taken.
Do I even know you?
love that man in the background.

Who knew King Tut had hips?
More of him to love.


I seriously loved this building.

Design your own basket

I will never understand why anyone would ever want to visit an island that has live dinosaurs on it.
But the fossils are sweet.

 I could curl up in that thing's jaw like a kitten in a cardboard box.


This is NOT the dress I was going on about.

We're models.

Peace and finals.


Friday, April 19, 2013

that little black dress

First, lemme just say, yesterday was a downright terrible day for me. It started off great with some sleek looking slacks and a flattering sweater. My awkward bangs looked less awkward than normal and my mascara went on with ease only poked my eyeball once. what of it? But then it just went downhill. Like, way downhill. Excluding the conversation I had with the janitor on the majesty of Montana, I just couldn't get myself to a happy place.

Ugh. It's depressing and embarrassing just to think about it.

Fortunately I have been blessed with amazing friends who will listen to me ramble about my hard life... oh my gosh I'm just sick of waiting for them to come home and I only had like, this really good cereal for breakfast and a superb scripture study and I sat there in front of my overflowing closet just trying to pick from all my clothes and it's just so hard. All my friends are great and I love my family and can't wait to see them and I'm just so sad right now...and somehow manage to NOT strangle me.

Once we deduced that I probably needed to eat something other than M&Ms, things started looking up. Things continued to look up as I made my way to a few different stores to run errands and just be by myself.

While running these errands, I came across some finely sewn fabric that I instantly knew I needed to put on my body. Grabbing my size and another in one size bigger because sometimes you just have bad days and you KNOW you're going to need a bigger size. But guess what? That's ok. I barricaded myself in the dressing room before the fleet of high school girls invaded all corners of the store.

As the fabric fell over my head and my shoulders I thought, "Oh, I love the neckline. And the sleeves are perfect!" I quickly noticed how the waistline was in the perfect place for my torso. The skirt had just enough flare that I could eat a good dinner and still be comfortable (which is probably the most important aspect of potential clothing). The delicate black lace was a complimentary contrast to my less than tan skin. The texture was soft and flattering. This was the dress. This was the dress that would make everyone love me!

But then the dreadful happened.
The hemline. 
2 more inches, an inch and a half, maybe even one, and I would have been doing my little "Yeah I found what I want and I feel good and I'm going to buy this little sucker!" dance yes, that actually does happen. But alas. No such dance was to happen in this dressing room because the dress was too short. But not the "hit-you-in-the-face-oh-my-gosh-what-are-you-thinking-it's-way-too-short" kind of short. It was the "you-could-probably-get-away-with-this-especially-in-the-summer-which-is-right-around-the-corner-anyway" kind of short. Which is the worst kind of short.

I rationalized all sorts of terrible rationalizations. other girls wear things much shorter than this to church.
I made the worst sorts of excuses. i should really wear it while i can, right?
I convinced myself that people wouldn't notice. it's not like that much more of my leg is that big of a deal anyway.

But in the end, the fact that I was trying to justify buying it was reason enough to let it go. Such a sad separation hasn't happened since the last time I went shopping and fell in love with a teapot.

Sometimes dressing modest is a struggle. A REAL struggle that is overlooked and discredited. Modesty? Psh, you covered that in Young Women's ages ago. Why should it be that hard to just buy things that cover you up? Well boys, it IS hard. It is hard to sit there, looking at a dress that you love, that makes you feel pretty and confident and appealing, and say no. It takes time, money, and a whole lot of patience to find articles of clothing that are cute and appropriate. It's a struggle that doesn't get easier just because you graduated to Relief Society and go to BYU. It's really, really hard.

I realized that all over again yesterday.

I commend those who don't have such a difficult time with this as I do, and I'm grateful for their examples. I'm grateful for guidelines and standards that keep me protected. I admit that finding cute skirts and shorts that are long enough for these Weiler legs of mine is difficult, but I know it's worth it.

How about we all try to notice and recognize the modesty in others this week, and compliment them for it? I know I certainly will, because dang. It is an accomplishment.

At least I can count on this one being long enough, amiright?

peace and hemlines to the knees


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Brigham Awards

Yesterday I had the joy of attending the BYU unforum, in which my fine university takes an hour and brags about itself, but in a humble and endearing way. We were entertained by skits mocking the ways of recently returned missionaries that will ALWAYS get a laugh out of a BYU audience, were cultured by the Folk Dance team's rendition of an Indian hoedown disrespectful? i don't know the right dance term, ok!? and admired those students who had been selected to receive the prestigious Brigham Award.

The Brigham Award is an honor given to students or professors who have embodied the spirit of BYU-namely the spirit of service. When the email came around at the beginning of the semester asking for nominations for this year's Brigham Awards, I paused before immediately hitting the delete button and thought, "Tracie."

I then proceeded to type up a few paragraphs on Tracie included below while sitting on the 2nd floor of the library. I hit submit, and then went on my jolly way without another thought concerning the matter. Can one be jolly and not round in physique? 

Fast forward 2 months. I'm sitting in the MCKB computer lab (It's the best one on campus people. But don't go there because then I won't have a place to sit) when I get a text from Tracie.

"Did you nominate me for the Brigham Award?"
".....why? Did you win!?"

She had. 
I had a hayday. Right there outside of the McKay.

I think I've enjoyed this whole thing a lot more than Tracie has. I bring it up and rub it in people's faces. "My best friend totally won the Brigham Awards. 700 applicants. She's inviting me to the celebrations surrounding it. We get to sit on the floor-seating of the Marriott Center and then we're going to eat lunch with Cecil. Look at her face. That's my friend."

But seriously. Look at her face.
That's my friend. 


What a good looking family, eh?

What a good looking Brigham, eh?
It's the Oscar of BYU.

We like to call this one "The Five Farrells."

Out of 700 applicants, Tracie was one of the 5 chosen. And she deserves it, because she has beautiful eyes and seriously good arms. 

peace and brigham



"Tracie Farrell  is an attentive friend to all, a dedicated disciple of Christ, a committed employee, and a bright and capable student. While one of the few girls in the rigorous Finance Program, Tracie continually receives high scores on tests and assignments. Because she is one of the only girls, she is often called on in class, and is always prepared to answer. Tracie works at the BYU Bookstore as the head Accounting Clerk. When cutbacks were made last year, Tracie took on extreme responsibilities and put in extra hours in order to accomplish everything that needed to be done, executing these demands with grace and efficiency, leaving her bosses amazed and happy. For the past three and a half years she has helped the Bookstore run smoothly, thereby aiding all students who find themselves in need of a book, a journal, or some fudge. Her ability with numbers and finance, as well as her care for detail, has made her such a vital employee and top student.

Even with such a demanding school and work schedule, Tracie still goes through the effort to make time for friends. She is a listener who will remember when your next test is, what your favorite candy bar is, the names of your siblings, and what your stuffed pig's name was. To meet such a person and talk with her is refreshing beyond words, especially when you just don't think you can introduce yourself to that same person one more time. I have been the recipient of such attentive friendship for over a year and it has changed the way I look at people and relationships.

Tracie knows the importance of family and demonstrates it by finding even more time to be with them. The oldest of 4 and the only daughter in her family, Tracie takes care of her little brothers and treats them with the perfect amount of love, humor, and patience. She is often answering a brother's phone call to help with homework or speeches, attending soccer games to cheer the leading forward on, giving well-informed advice on class schedules, or arranging housing for a returning missionary. She visits her dad at work often, taking cupcakes and making McDonalds runs. She talks with her mom on the phone daily, expressing support, jokes, frustrations, thoughts, or successes. She truly cares and acts accordingly.

Beyond all this, Tracie has a testimony of Christ and lives her testimony. Being in a competitive program, Tracie is willing to help other students understand concepts, but will not jeopardize her integrity. She commits small acts of service everywhere she goes, most of which go unnoticed. She sends texts or emails, links to inspiring talks and videos, and writes sweet, uplifting, hilarious, and personal notes to those she thinks might need it. Again, I have been a recipient of each of these and have witnessed her do them for others as well. Tracie fulfills her church callings and is supportive and helpful to ward leaders. Tracie studies her scriptures every day with consistent thoroughness and applies what she learns to her life. She understands principles and has a firm testimony she is more than willing to share, but is humble in all these things.

I have met many people who are outstanding in their academics and are dedicated to their work. I have met others who are truly caring towards their friends. There are others who are devoted to their families. Tracie is the one I have met that has taken all of these aspects of life, plus many more, and through hard work, discipline, and natural ability, has made them compatible with each other in a harmonious way. She does this with an overriding sense of optimism, hope, and faith in her Savior, who she knows personally and follows willingly. She has given so much to this school, to her friends, her family, and to her Savior. I love her and am happy to nominate her for the Brigham Award."

Monday, April 15, 2013

that awkward moment when

First off, is that ^^ phrase completely overused and entirely out of date yet? Either way, I'm using it as my title for this post. If it is a thing of the past, then I guess this is just another awkward experience that I can add to the following list of moments from my life that have made me and others stop and do a double take.

*Totally tried on a pair of bright green pants no, that's not the awkward part that I am pretty sure were made for left handed people. I abstained from purchasing them simply because I was not ambidextrous enough to get the zipper up.

*Batted my eyelashes ok, just saying that deserves it's own bullet point but oh well at the attractive cashier at In-n-Out only to sit down with my friends and realize I was probably flirting with a high school student. What IS it with me and the younger guys people?

*Walked into a maintenance closet on campus because I thought it was a bathroom. come on, BYU used the same door for EVERY DOOR. 

*Went to my ward for the first time in a month and a half and everybody thought I was a new girl. The not so awkward and mostly awesome part? Getting to reinvent myself to people that knew me last semester. My name is Rachel. I'm originally an Inuit from Alaska with the dream of designing better igloos for my native people using the recycled glass of Mason jars. (That'll make it big on Pinterest) I also enjoy fish calling in my spare time and occasionally travel to Antarctica to compete in polar bear plunges. I'm attending BYU on a full scholarship and Cecil is my uncle.

*Went to my last 7am cycling class this morning and got worked but in a good way and then was given a Krispy Kreme by someone from the class. Entire workout undone in 7.2 seconds. But oh, the joy. The joy. 

*Almost fell asleep standing at the testing center counter because the woman behind the desk had such. a. soothing. voice. Weird? Yes. That's the point.

*Was hugged by a young man 5 minutes after meeting him for the first time at ward prayer again, everyone thought I was a new girl. I think I stepped on his foot on accident. Sorry, I'm just not very good at hugging.

*Army crawled through the grass, mud, and bushes while trying to sneak a few read 176 photos of a proposal. Stained jeans are totally worth that happiness. #shoutout. #youknowwhoyouare #marriageforever #imsingle #iwonderwhy #especiallyafterthispost #hashtagsforever

*Went shopping in the hopes of finding some cute, new, Spring clothing and walked away with sweaters and jeans. Come on, when Banana Republic says "$3 sweater" you say "yes."

*Sat at T.J. Maxx holding a ceramic teapot for a good 13 minutes trying to convince myself that buying it would make sense, because I could serve milk in it with fresh baked cookies. Or juice in the morning with homemade bread. Or just let it be a center piece on the table because the bright colors are just so dang cute. Or I could use it to water my little seed that decided to sprout, proving that I will be a good wife hey boys hey. again, #imsingle. But then I realized that I don't ever make freshly baked cookies let alone bread. who do you think I am, freakin Martha Stewart?!, that my refrigerator has 0 space for a teapot, and that my little-buddy-seed would drown if I were to water it with a teapot. So I held it for another 6 minutes, saying goodbye and fiercely eyeing anyone who came near it. I will find you again, little teapot.

*The fact that I just talked to a teapot right up there ^^^

peace and prayers for Boston.


Saturday, April 13, 2013

fridays in provo. so they do exist...

Fridays are my free days. If you can ever arrange your schedule to not have school or work on Fridays, do it. And if you had to wait for someone to tell you to do so, there might be something wrong with you.
Alright, on to the point of this post! tell me if you find one.

Yesterday I spent my first Friday in Provo in about 5 weeks. Between Salt Lake, St. George, and Logan, I have spent very few weekends in Provo this semester. yeah, i'm one of those girls. sorry r.s. prez. The thing is, every weekend before this I have had reasons to leave. It was family birthday party weekend! Easter weekend! Conference weekend! That one kid I kind of knew in high school's homecoming weekend! I need to see Lindsay weekend! I wonder if that bed in Salt Lake is still as comfortable as I remember it being weekend! Well, I sat there on Wednesday (which is when I usually come up with reasons to leave for the upcoming fri-sat-sun) and realized that I had none. NONE. Sure, next weekend there's the Canyon Rim Arts Festival that my mom is in charge of and that I'm taking pictures of can't wait to see that CAMEL, and then there's the Boys and Girls Club Gala that I just can't miss and that homecoming where I actually do know the man speaking. guy? boy? boi? are they men once they come back? weird...

But this weekend? Nothing. So I stayed here. I talked with Lindsay on the phone, committed her to try to maybe get work off for a road trip we're hesitantly planning for around May-ish yeah, we're off to a good start, slept in, debated whether or not to go running for so long that I could have gone running and come back in the time I spent debating, actually DID go running beautiful day up Provo canyon, showered, watched a few guilty pleasure TV shows, went shopping at the outlets with two super cool girls, ate a burger animal-style and protein-style, watched Life of Pi, and then spent the next 20 minutes reading all about Life of Pi on sparknotes. how do people come UP with this stuff? i wish i had an imagination.

While running, remember? i bolded it up there just in case you didn't catch it. I was forced to think my own, actual thoughts because my earphones don't stay in. worse than it might seem due to my lack of imagination mentioned right up there. I wish I could tell you all about my philosophical conversation with myself, but the only thing I can remember was this mantra that kept coursing through my mind.

"Run, run, run, as fast as you can. You could probably catch me because I run like a gingerbread man."

Yep. After three months with walking pneumonia i was unofficially diagnosed over the phone by my Lindsay-friend-nurse-student and i'm going with it I have found my body to be completely unable to move at the speeds or distances I desire it to. Pleasant people, also running, would smile or say hi as they breezed past me. I could only respond with a wild look and a growl as I peered through the sweat dripping off my brow into my eyeballs. What can I say? I'm a beast. just not in the way it's usually used - that of referring to prowess or power in a specific field.

So thank Provo on the weekends. Maybe I'll see you again in about 6 weeks.

peace out


Thursday, April 11, 2013

a few things i will never understand

-Why professors feel the need to hoard office supplies. "Has anyone seen the tape? Where are my scissors? EVERY STICKY NOTE IS MISSING!"

-Why my arm hairs suddenly decided to grow the opposite direction.

-Same with that one eyelash on my left eyelid. (Seriously. Just, calm down buddy.)


-Super long fingernails that are in style now. they look like aye-aye fingers. and girl, how do you even eat with those things?

-Drawn on eyebrows.

-Garden gnomes.

-Why I'm the only one who calls to fix things in my apartment. And why no one ever says thank you? (You're welcome roommies) 

-People who don't like dairy.

-Back rubs in class. DON'T DO IT PEOPLE. JUST DON'T. 

-Silent treatments.

-The Marriott School of Business.

-And the nursing program.

-Why people still refuse to use Spotify.

-The difference between "effect" and "affect." yeah, i admit that i have to look it up every time. and usually i just use the word "influence" instead.

-How I'm supposed to resist chocolate bars, chocolate milk, and chocolate doughnuts when they're sitting right there on my desk.

-High heels and jeans. seems like an oxymoron to me.

One thing that I do understand?

Glacier National Park.
yep, it's that time again folks.

Avalanche Lake via The Trail of the Cedars
4.5 miles roundtrip
Trees upwards of 700 years old
with diameters of 4 to 7 feet
Follows Avalanche Creek

These colors are for reals.

Little buddy practically climbed on my lap to eat that Cheeto.
he obviously knows how good cheetos are.

Have I talked about the Weiler hips yet?
Oh yeah. I have.

peace and air freshener.
did you hear? the teacher education department had a fire incident. so know the office smells like burnt flax, melted metal, crystal gel, and recently, paint fumes. i wouldn't be good at drugs because this is killing me.


Monday, April 8, 2013


My dad found this in the yard of our home in Logan.

I know we probably shouldn't be surprised to find remnants of former owners in and around our 134 year old home, but to think that...well...their actual remains, of like, their being are somewhere in our yard makes you double check whether or not you really left that light on. Did you really close that door? Why is the smoke alarm going off? There's no smoke here. What's that sound? Did you feel that? OH MY GOSH I THINK SOMETHING JUST WHISPERED MY NAME! 

Ha. No. The only weird thing that happened this weekend was when I realized I was wearing my Star Trek t-shirt while we were watching Star Trek cue twilight zone music. Other than that, if there are ghosts in our Logan home, I think they probably had a very enjoyable weekend. 

*If there were ghosts in our home, they got to witness Spencer de-tick himself. Yes, there were a total of 4 ticks on Spencer over the weekend. i think he should probably stop climbing in places called "Tick Haven," no?

*If there were ghosts in our home, they got to listen in on an intriguing conversation in which the differences between "being an orphan" and "being orphaned" were discussed. yes, we came to the conclusion that there IS a difference.

*If there were ghosts in our home, they got to see my brother at his prime. Behold.

My glasses and Sports Illustrated. He wore those puppies for 20+ minutes. And I kid you not, he was reading People Magazine directly before this was taken. ...can you see the ticks?

*If there were ghosts in our home, they got to partake in a whole lot of goodness via General Conference. Elder 

*If there were ghosts in our home, they probably cheered for me even though I got creamed by Spencer in ping pong. it was like....6 to 21.

*If there were ghosts in our home, their minds were probably blown by the deep and insightful comments made by Annie regarding current day trials compared to those in the Book of Mormon. #enlightened.

*If there were ghosts in our home, they must have been envious of all the delicious Thai food we consumed. Poor ghosties. Can't eat Pad Thai, now can you? it's pronounced putt tie. my dad speaks thai. don't mess.

*If there were ghosts in our home, they probably followed Caroline and me to the store because they knew only good things could come of that. Things like a conversation with a woman on the sad state of those who wear pajamas to the store good thing I had just, but really, antics of picking the perfect pineapplethe debate over whether or not mom told us to get tomatoes i have a terrible memory and lastly....this.

Caroline is a slinky ninja with bean pole legs and I'm a little kid with a new toy. try not to get motion sick.
It's typical.

*If there were ghosts in our home, I bet they made fun while watching me run for the first time in 3 months. but hey! good news. my lungs have decided to cooperate and I can now breathe while exercising. 

*If there were ghosts in our home, I'm sure they laughed at us.

Don't mess with the magna.

The Weiler hips don't lie.
But that's because they have no rhythm or movement.
At all.

Look at those arms go though.

I could watch this one on repeat all day.

*If there were ghosts in our home they probably would have applauded our fashion sense. I give you socks paired with Chacos. we're going to the next Fashion Week.

We be stylin.

*If there were ghosts in our home, that would explain why our target practice didn't go so great. 

Yes, his hair looks like this with absolutely no effort on his behalf.
maybe his hair is haunted...

*If there were ghosts in our home, they would have wondered why we look so happy when we play games. 

Heck, if I was a ghost I'd haunt us.
Wouldn't you?

 Then again...maybe not.

peace and waterproof shoes