Friday, February 5, 2016

What am I supposed to blog about now that I'm married? I've had an identity crisis since becoming not-single. I used to joke about the reasons I'd be #singleforever and how I never cooked anything but cheese. the good ol' days.

Now I mince garlic for recipes that I actually plan out a week in advance. And I invite people over for meals that I've prepared. Myself. Are you as scared as I am? WHAT HAPPENED TO ME. DOES THIS HAPPEN TO EVERYONE. I went from 0 to homemaker in 2.5 seconds. My budgeting used to look like "My bank account isn't at zero yet, so yeah let's order pizza and Thai food and go see that movie for the 7th time in theaters because Nicholas Hoult." And now...well...yesterday I downloaded Mint and have found actual enjoyment in deciding how much of my income should go towards boring things like heating our home and buying vegetables. 

My evenings used to consist of chatting with roommates about our days while putting off homework and eating cookies made by almost any person in that house other than me. We'd brainstorm prank ideas and sit on the porch while I spied on the boy across the street now my husband and ride Razor scooters and play foursquare. it's sometimes hard to distinguish between my college experience and elementary school life. Now I work all day and come home and feel like I need to dust things and hang pictures and iron curtains and wash my rugs.

So I guess the whole gist of all this is that marriage has made me better, which I resent. Good thing the guy I'm with is even more eager to binge watch ridiculous TV shows about privileged youth in New York than I am. And that he knows how to rig a drawing (in an honest way) for us to win a Smart TV. And that he attends my cycling class with me, being the only man in a class of 30. 

He keeps from being too boring.

peace and law school