Friday, September 28, 2012

"i think i have mud in my shoes"

spencer, annie, dad, and i got dirty last week.

not like, "oh, i worked in the yard all day and am sweaty"
or, "i spilled something on my shirt" kind of dirty.

we got...more dirty than any of us had ever experienced.

i'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

dirt in places you didn't know existed.
grit in teeth.
chafing on all skin surfaces.
pudding smeared on faces. (that's right. i got spence and dad good.)
smells that shouldn't be in existence.
and mud in the shoes. maybe a little bit.

it was my second time participating in the race. doing it with friends was fun.

doing it with family was even better.

just wish spencer would have pulled through with his big bird costume.

Friday, September 21, 2012

to my dearest friend

her name is catherine.
but i call her cashwin.
or just cash.

i met her sophomore year of high school.
we had chemistry together.
we both randomly transfered into the class.
it was a sign. we were meant to meet.
i never thought i would appreciate that class as much as i do.
but i do. 

we survived high school together.
and then both got into BYU and have survived together thus far.

i've leaned on her for a lot.
too much to really express in one measly blogpost. 
too many hilarious moments.
too many talks.
too many quotable quotes.
too many nice notes.
too many bronco rides.
too many youtube videos.
too many breakdowns.
too many cafe rio salads.
too many memories.

and now she is going. for the first time in 5 years i won't be able to just call her up.
ask her to go to cafe rio with me.
or play racquetball with me.
or just be with me.

because she is going on a mission.
she has been called to serve in the Chicago, Illinois Spanish-speaking Mission.

and it's perfect

and i'm so proud of her. 
so now MY mission is to spend as much time with her as i can for the next 4 months.

i love you cash.
so much.

oh cashwin. you're my fave.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

life's not fair...

yep. went to the Utah State Fair to see the Parachute concert (where i totally touched the main guys shoulder when he came out to the crowd. [i was about to stroke his face but then realized that...would be weird] there was an immediate connection. he has pretty eyes. we're getting married) and then roam around the booths, eat free kettlecorn, see the biggest cow to ever live (not really. but maybe?), enjoy the fireworks, exercise on the shake machines (ok...since when do those things actually work?), and then get my hair eaten by goats.

i guess that's a compliment? because it smelled so good?

yeah. sure.

my friend and i decided that going to the fair without dates is actually an awesome opportunity to try all the booth activities for free. when you're with a date the booth owner expects to get paid.

when you're a single girl they'll just let you try for fun.

so, be "fair" to yourself.

there he is. in the middle. my baby blue eyed future.
and that sassilicious sax man? maybe i can set him up with my little sis.
she is 16 now.

booth men are awesome
and so are those shirts that light up to the beat during dance parties
*only 30 bucks
**no way. i'm poor

yeeeeeaaaahhhhh.......the fair is fun.

notice the teddy bear?
manda got him for free.
name: baby brandon
(after the booth man who gave him to her)

so many sights and sounds and smells and different people and animals and hot dogs and hay.

my name is rachel weiler and i approve of the utah state fair.

Monday, September 10, 2012

chill out rach

i left my apartment in a huff this evening.

yep. a huff. like, "i'll huff and i'll puff and i'll go all cray cray on all you all."

it wasn't pretty. here's why.

i was stressed. i felt like everything that had to be done was my responsibility and i didn't want to have that responsibility. i didn't want to be on hold, listening to that worse-than-elevator-music music, with the people who are supposed to be fixing our internet but seem to know about the same as me as to how to do it. 
they seem to know nothing.

and then i was frustrated with myself for getting so frustrated and then our couches look like a carpet bag that's been run over by a cattle truck and then i realized i had homework to do and then i was frustrated that i had to go back to campus to do it because my internet was broken and then it was raining and my hair was huge and then there wasn't a letter for me but only a utilities bill and then i was frustrated for eating so many cookies and frustrated that i couldn't eat any more cookies.

so i left in a huff with a "sorry i'm crazy, i'll be better tonight," thrown out to my roommates.

and i came here. and i didn't want to read.

so i looked at pictures from when i wasn't frustrated.
and i listened to music that makes me calm.
*jonsi *blind pilot *coldplay

but not gotye because that makes me stressed.

and now i feel a little more relaxed. and i'll get my reading done and then go home and sleep.

for now, here are some pictures from when i wasn't stressed.

things to be grateful for today:
*i woke up early enough to get to work on time even though i had turned my alarm clock off in my sleep
*a professor gave us root beer floats at work
*EMAIL FROM MY FAVORITE PERSON (holla atcha russia)(praying for you)(miss you)
*getting invited to an elite texting group
*got 100 on a surprise quiz in class
*compliment on my outfit (surprising because i got dressed in the dark today. for reals)
*sandwiches for lunch and for dinner (i love a good sammich)
*compliment from stranger on my hair (even more surprising than the outfit one. see above)
*talking to my brother, even for a little bit (see his crazy cool blog here)
*the fact that i just found the leftover ice cream from the root beer floats...