Friday, October 23, 2015


The greatest thing since opening a wedding gift containing a gigantic shower head has just happened to our marriage. people who are yet to be married- register for a giant shower head. it is a gift you will use every day. depending on your shower habits. but getting this shower head will improve those habits exponentially. You will smell and look nice, will get a fabulous job and become rich and famous, as i have done. We got our wedding photos back. So now you know what happens next. Prepare yourself for a whole lot of us. You can guarantee that I'll also be posting a select few to facebook, so if you see your pretty face below, brace yourself for little red boxes of notifications like you haven't seen since your birthday. I will add commentary as I see fit.

It was a beautiful day.

photos by aubrey jo photography
she's a boss

 "heh heh...sorry i have 80 buttons to do up on my dress and it took forever to get out here... heh."




and more hugs.
hope you like the back of my head.
is it ridiculous?

oh look. hugs.

 spencer looks like he's about to sneeze on us

 oh no, i dropped a bobby pin

"wow, look at that shoulder."
"i know, it's a nice shoulder."

marriage is...smashing your face into the one you love.

 harry doesn't like the kissing ones because he gets embarrassed.
obviously i'm all about them.

a pretty good interpretation of me in marriage:
trying to run, but tripping over my dress.

act natural


just surprised his pants didn't rip

 how we usually stand


Needless to say, it was a very fun night. We know how to party. Thank you again to all who came and celebrated with us. Now go eat some pizza.

peace and cheesy bread at work