Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Welcome all to the same blog I have always had but with a different url! I am currently trying to convince my tongue that my cup of noodles isn't actually the temperature of the sun by continuing to burn said tongue on the molten lava I hold inside a Styrofoam cup. I like bringing lunch to work because it shows that I'm professional, grown up, careful with money, and am too busy and important to even take a 30 minute break from the demands of my profession. Because nothing says maturity like a $0.70 cup of chemically preserved veggies and sodium levels the size of the Great Salt Lake. 

Welcome to life after college. It's the same as life in college.

The only thing that's changed about the basic makeup of my personality is the fact that suddenly I want to craft. I want to craft every single thing that I could easily buy at the store for much cheaper.  For example: I need a planner. Should I buy a $3.00 notebook of paper purposefully designed to assist in the scheduling of my life? NO! Instead, I shall go to nature and pluck the seeds of a tall and grand oak. I will put that seed in the pot I have recently fashioned on the potter's wheel I just whittled. Then I will nurture that seed into a tree, make that tree into my own paper, infusing its fibers with flowers and butterfly wings. Then I will bind my beautiful parchment with the string I have spun from the wool of a baby lamb. On the cover I will glue leaves and berries over my stenciled chevron design. And then I will proceed to write in calligraphy those items I must purchase from the store. Frozen pizza, Eggo waffles, and Pop Tarts.

Perhaps I am prone to exaggeration. Nevertheless, when I stepped into Michael's last night there was a physical reaction the likes of which I have never experienced before. Watch out. You might be getting a poorly crafted craft from yours truly. 

These are just pictures I feel obligated to share because I finally bought the chord that allows me to easily access them from my camera. 

peace and hot glue guns
they're still not as hot as these blasted noodles