Friday, February 24, 2012

lollipop? not quite.

Here I am, sitting at a desk, inside, looking at a computer instead of being outside, with friends, enjoying the pleasant weather that has happened upon us this fine February day.


But don't worry about me. I have things to keep me entertained. Things like a vegetable tray, jumbo size Smarties, a co-worker wearing a Hawaiian shirt and listening to country music (his name is Nathan and he feels honored to be mentioned on my blog), and my journal, which is in desperate need of a catch up entry.

I've already had fun here. Nathan and I licked and sealed 45 envelopes, much to the dismay of our taste buds and now deceased brain cells. Remember that Seinfeld episode where George's fiance dies because she licked too many envelopes?

I hope that's not what happens to us.

Oh. This is may be one of my new favorite songs.

Yep. I have a good feeling.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


It's a Tuesday. Tuesdays have been my least favorite day since 7th grade. School surrounds this day on all sides. The memory of the past weekend seems like a wisp of an idea and the future weekend only a distant promise of relief.

Dramatic? Yes.

Today my dearest friend Tracie convinced me to go to the devotional. Now, I am pretty good at attending devotionals, cramming my legs into a 7 inch spot, and obtaining the necessary enlightenment. Today, however, was more of a struggle. But the seat was being saved and I needed to fill it. So I did.

One of the lessons taught during the talk was to "do your best in school and in work."

I hate to admit it, but I had been contemplating not going to my next two classes. The thought was daunting and sad. Class? I didn't think I could do it on this specific Tuesday.

Tracie reminded me what we had learned in devotional.

I went to class and got full credit for the in class assignment.

Thank you Tracie.
Thank you devotional.

Thank you Tuesday. I'll see you in a week.