Friday, November 21, 2014

reveling in red rock

I don't have anything creative to say. My college education is doing a spectacular job of teaching me to think analytically, and as a consequence, I have no original thought left in my mind. My life of reading, writing papers, deleted papers, rewriting papers, and midterms is not worth recording.

So, to keep up the facade that my life is actually exciting and adventurous, I post photos of only the exciting and adventurous things I participate in. And while I've been to Moab and Arches National Park more times than I can really remember, I'd say this trip counts as exciting and adventurous no, i have no similes for those two words, for it was my first time camping in a blizzard. Given, I did not sleep in a tent, but the outhouse had no roof. adventure!

And you are welcome for that tidbit of information.

If you haven't been to Delicate Arch before, change that. I mean come on, it's on our license plates and everything. My 78 year old grandparents did the hike too. So you have no excuse. 


Perhaps the greatest result of the trip is that I can now firmly and solidly recommend paying the extra 4 dollars to explore around the slot canyons of the Fiery Furnace. I might have fractured my toe from a pathetic fall, but it was totally worth it.

Above is our favorite picture because Jordan is bringing us beef jerky.
And below is the second favorite picture because Jordan squeezed into an impossibly small area to save a Frito.

Please note the very visible and accessible permit clipped to my backpack. 
We obey the rules.

So yeah, I'll just keep pretending my life is as cool as I make it seem, when in reality I am crying in the library over my dashed dreams and loss of hope. 
Fortunately, ski season is upon us.

peace and BYU football
posters are on sale in the bookstore for $1.25