Monday, November 19, 2012

counting down

exactly 24 hours.

i'll be off work. 
and on my way home.
to spend time with my family.

i love holidays.
bring on the food.

peace and pool hopping
(i went and swam laps this morning...what? who am i? not a swimmer, as all of my fellow 6am richards building occupants can attest.)

Thursday, November 15, 2012


but, not the tv show. sorry.

this is a big, huge psych on the fact that i said i was growing my bangs out last post.
and because i have nothing better to post about, i'm posting about my continuation of bangs.

i was going strong on my 3rd day of operation grow-out-the-bangs.
it was nice to not have to do anything with my hair.
literally. i washed and that's it.

but then i started looking through pictures i took from this last weekend in which 6 of my dearest people went with me to citycreek. 
and i decided i liked my bangs.

so. they're staying.
cool beans.

on a topic of more interest, citycreek was awesome.
almost as awesome as all of these chicas.

-get the free sample of chocolate from godiva.
-bring a water bottle. none of the food court places give water with meals.
-set aside at least 3 hours.
-bring a camera for those who aren't interested in shopping.
then they can take pictures like this while you dash in and out of stores.

-don't go to anthropolgie. just...why torment yourself?
-take 4.8 seconds to notice the light fixtures.
so i'm in an interior design class. sue me.
-stick your hand in the soap demonstration way too soon so your hand turns orange.
you get to use the $13 bar of soap to clean it off.
-get to tiffany's before it closes.

-go with people you love.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

because you were dying to know...

-i'm growing my bangs out.

-i'm sticking around next semester.
it's going to be ok rach

-i'm participating in a lazy-man iron man.

-i went to go workout for said lazy-man iron man this evening.
i ran into my friend.
we went and got ice cream instead

-i'm excited for thanksgiving

-i've never seen the baptistry as full as it was tonight

-my dad got the new iphone5

-i still have the brick that never dies.
we've been together since my senior year of high school

-everybody is getting married or leaving on missions

-i'm just here with my brick phone and cheese quesadillas. 

Friday, November 2, 2012

that moment when

you know that moment when it's almost 4 in the a.m. and you're still working on an assignment that you should have started about 9 hours ago but didn't because you were too busy being apart of your awesome ward activity which was harry potter themed and had different classes to go to like potions, broomstick flying, defense against the dark arts, and care of magical creatures and the different fhe groups were sorted into different houses and you ate soup under floating candles in the great hall and you were in ravenclaw and ended up winning the house cup because you drank the most chocolate milk in the shortest amount of time in order to ward off the dementor skulking around and you are contemplating just not going to sleep because it's so close to waking up time that you can't really see the point and besides, your body is so tired that it's in denial and just doesn't feel tired anymore?


and maybe your body is so tired because it's still trying to recuperiate from the crazy adventures you put it through the night previous to your 4-in-the-a.m.-assignment-doing in which you went to a halloween dance up in salt lake city with your best friend from elementary, junior, high, and college-school and you were in a mosh pit and almost got trampled when you fell on the ground but were saved by a giant guy pulling you back to your feet where you continued to be moved by other people's bodies and had no control over where you ended up, after which you went and visited another best friend from high school who has been gone for 2 years and just came back and it almost feels like he never left so you stay out until 2 in the a.m. talking with him so your body is double tired right now.


and maybe you realize that you just spent the last 15 minutes typing this all out in which you could have been finishing the assignment and getting to bed but hey, when else are you going to be doing crazy things like this?

photo cred to clinton calder

this is college.
and i love it.

peace and political science homework.