Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Slumber Party!

On Friday night the occupants of 2312 did something really fun. Let me paint the picture....

3 mattresses in the kitchen.
6 girls vying for a place to sleep.
3 of the girls in footie pajamas.
1 small Christmas tree lit up in the corner.
5 strands of colored Christmas lights twinking from the window.
Dozens of paper snowflakes dangling from the ceiling.
6 fortune tellings.
1 attempt of murder (Ariel didn't like my singing).
1 bedtime story told by Amanda in which a princess named Catherine, whose friends were paid to spend time with her, makes friends with a peasant girl named Rachel from the edge of Pauperville. They are almost eaten by the witch Amanda but are saved by lovely girls named Ariel, Bridget, and Kate. They all get married (to whom I cannot say) and live happily ever after.

That story basically sums up our apartment.

How did I get so lucky with my roommates?

From left to right: Amanda, Ariel, Catherine, me, Bridget, Kate

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Equal Love

This post is dedicated to the love I have for my sister Rebecca Weiler Burningham. I love her just as much as Caroline. I enjoy going to work because she's there. I am going to miss her when she leaves. I enjoyed seeing her on Wednesday while I was trying to give blood. Unfortunately she had had a bad day. I bought her a Jamba Juice (actually Dad did. Thanks Dad). Then we went and looked at earrings in the ever expensive craft and floral store in the Wilkinson Center. It's always fun to see her on campus and I'm glad she is here because I love her. Just as much as Caroline.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

C-Gull Fly, C-Gull Run

I've posted about this before but here it is again. My little sister, Caroline (aka C-Gull), is a runner. She made it onto the All-State team as a freshman, and this weekend she is traveling to California to participate in the Footlocker race which includes runners from a majority of the western states. Good luck CJ!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Too Much

I have too much. More than I deserve. So how do I even begin to start my Thanksgiving list?

I guess I just start....

I am grateful for my testimony of Christ and the knowledge I have of His love for us.
I am grateful for my mom and dad, the home they have provided and the things they've taught me.
I am grateful for Spencer and Annie and their sense of humor and adventure.
I am grateful for Rebecca and Wes and that they live right up the street.
I am grateful for Caroline and miss her more than I thought I would.
I am grateful for extended family who cares for and about me.
I am grateful for good friends who have helped me get this far.
I am grateful for my bed, pillow, and comforter.
I am grateful for straw bowls and cups.
I am grateful for my meal plan.
I am grateful for the seasons.
I am grateful for my health.
I am grateful for nature and the recreation it provides.
I am grateful for my calling.
I am grateful for my roommates and our delightful quote wall.
I am grateful for my FHE brothers and their fun personalities.
I am grateful for socks, sweater boots, and sweatshirts.
I am grateful for scarves.
I am grateful for my job in 201 MCKB.
I am grateful for my nice, warm home.
I am grateful for fun memories.
I am grateful for the ability to laugh.
I am grateful that I am happy.

An example of why I am happy and grateful for family, memories, and the ability to laugh.
Puerto Vallarta 2009. Classic V-sit competition that none of us can do. We blame the Weiler legs.

No one, that is, except my mom.

Yes, I am grateful that I am happy.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Sweet Dreams

I think it's funny that people can fall asleep in the bathroom.

Reminds me of this

Friday, November 12, 2010

Does Disney have a Heart of Darkness?

Watch the following clip.

All AP English students of Skyline High 2009-2010 (as well as all those who have ever read a certain Joseph Conrad book): listen to Tantor, the elephant, at 0:20. Sound familiar? Let me remind you that the clip takes place in AFRICA.

I'm still looking around for a glimpse of squirrels on stakes...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Oui Oui!

The members of my apartment are great cooks. It makes up for my lack of culinary expertise. Kate made us a French themed dinner this past weekend. Ratatouille and french bread. I felt like we were in a Pixar movie. 

Master chef

Notice I have a USA beret and an Italian sweatshirt.
Nothing French.
But I tried.

Cream puffs with chocolate pudding and powdered sugar

Attempt to be Marie Antoinette

 Paris ici nous venons

Monday, November 8, 2010

Learn something new every day

Today I learned that THESE...

 Result in THIS...

...when it rains outside.

Yay knowledge.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Midnight Marauders and Neighborhood Newsies

It's that time again! The time when I recount the crazy things our FHE brothers pull off in this thing we call a prank war. And  this one is good.

The story begins many weeks ago...

On a crisp, fall night, under the CLOAK OF DARKNESS, a secret knock was heard on the door of a secret room. As the door was opened, the guest beheld a sight that could only be described as impressive. Within this secret room, protected by a secret knock and disguised by the MIDNIGHT GLOOM, resided a dozen or so young men, all dressed in suits, prepared for the nights' events. The meeting proceeded as the guests were instructed via powerpoint what exactly they were choosing to put themselves through. Preparation and gathering of materials would take weeks. Execution would need to be exact and thorough. The group would have to be ready to act in an instant seeing as there was no definite date of implementation. It all depended on when the girls would leave the apartment...

Saturday, October 30th, 2010.
7:00 pm- The residents of 2312 departed from their home in order to attend the Halloween stake dance. They were excited about their newly created costumes and anticipated seeing what their FHE brothers would be dressed as.

After locking the doors, THEY EMBARKED.

7:30 pm- The moment the young men had been planning for had finally arrived. They placed a spy at the stake dance in order to recieve verification on the attendance of the girls at the dance. Once confirmation was given, the boys went to work.

(Notice whiteboard with plan mapped out)

 The fruits of their long labor

11:00 pm- The girls return to their home. They had noticed while at the dance the absence of their brothers and wondered what they could have been up to. Slightly dissapointed, they walked into their kitchen...

Was it filled with newspaper? AFFIRMATIVE.

Did they have fun in it? AFFIRMATIVE.

Will they retaliate?


I have made a close friend these past few months. Her name is Whitney. She does so much for me. She gives me a place to sleep. She gives me a kitchen where I can pretend to make food. She gives me the opportunity to meet so many cool people, but still lets me get away to a quieter place. She isn't the nicest, most extravagant friend I have, but I'm grateful to know her.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Can I Brag Just a Little?

My little sister's name is CAROLINE... She... is a master of legos and ripsticking. She... is a future rock climbing master. She... plays the piano, the clarinet, and the alto saxophone. She... is first chair in the Wasatch band saxophone section. As an 8th grader she... made it into the school jazz band and currently wakes up early every day in order to attend this prestigious musical group. She... receives straight A's. She... can do a perfect impersonation of this guy...


...and... is always ready with a witty comment

You'd think this was enough. You'd think that she has exhausted her talents and could now continue at a steady pace. BUT NO. This year Caroline, as a ninth grader, joined the Skyline High cross country team and willingly put her body through vigorous training that would have killed her sister. (not me of course, the OTHER sister) Not only is she going to school early, but she is now staying hours afterwards so that she can run up mountains and stuff. We were all proud that she wanted to be on a team, no one more proud than my dad. Personally I thought she would be mediocre


As a freshman, Caroline just participated in the State Cross Country meet. Out of about 120 girls who ran, CAROLINE CAME IN SECOND. (3 miles in 19 minutes 7 seconds)She was in the newspaper the next day, a feat none of the other siblings have achieved. (except Rebecca apparently)

Caroline, in white, to the right of the girl in yellow, who finished first.

Although her face is blocked by an elbow, there she is.

And once again.

Good job Caroline. I'm proud of you. Wish I could have been there.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Never Know a Good Thing 'til it's Gone

I like Provo. I like BYU. I like living on my own and meeting new friends. I like the fun social life that exists here. I like my ward. I like working with my sister. I like learning new things. I like my independence. I like my calling. I like my roommates. I like my FHE brothers. I like the quote wall in our apartment. I like laughing really hard with Amanda, Ariel, Bridget, Catherine and Kate. I like our neighbors. I like pulling pranks on people. I like the library. I like campus. I like BYU. I like Provo.

But I miss my family. I miss my home in Salt Lake. I miss my MOM's ability to make everything in our home look good. I miss my DAD's humor. I miss making fun of him with Caroline at the dinner table. I miss quoting Brian Regan while SPENCER laughed so hard. I miss practicing piano duets with REBECCA. I miss being able to walk across the hall to talk with CAROLINE. I miss bothering Caroline.

I know they aren't very far but it's the everyday things that I miss. Things that I never really realized were so great.

Dad, Me, Caroline, Rebecca, Mom.
Spencer was on his mission.


Slot canyons with Mom

Me, Mom, Caroline, Spencer, Annie, Rebecca, Wes
Yosemite National Park

Caroline, Rebecca, me.

Dad and Mom

Rebecca, Caroline, me
Spencer lounging on the bench.

 Glad for the memories.