Friday, August 30, 2013

my life as a scarecrow

It's 2:48 am and I can't sleep. I have so much running through my head it's impossible for me to even begin counting sheep. Plus I haven't taken a math class since high school so I probably wouldn't be very successful in the whole number business right now. I'm not going to get into the things running around my head in a way resembling my cross-country-star-little-sister barreling along at her 5 minute miles (speaking of, she actually sounds like she's awake right now too. GO TO SLEEP SISTER) because that would just not be appropriate. Instead, I'm just going to go on a sleepless rant that probably won't make much sense later. Oh well. People do this type of thing when they're drunk tired. Right?

for the record, i'm really not drunk. i don't even know what alcohol smells like. moving on.

Tomorrow morning (aka later today) I get the stitches from my face removed. I seriously can't wait because as of right now they just seem like weird hairs growing out of my face that I can see in my peripheral. I feel like a scarecrow or a witch with one of those hairy moles. Except for that was the whole point, to have the mole removed. So that's confusing.

It's been interesting, this whole surgery/cutting/bandaging/numbing/swelling/stitching thing that's been my life this last week. Everyone knows I'm not one to relish in any of those things on other people, so the fact that it happened to me? I don't think about it too much because....ugh. I was so lightheaded the first time I took my bandages off to switch them that I had to lay down. Twice. Later that day I resolved to not be a "pansy", took the band-aid off, and really looked at what was going on up in there.

I promptly started crying. CRYING. Like, tears rolling down my cheeks. My mom and sister were kind and asked me what was wrong. Through the sobs I responded, "I just looked at myself in the mirror." Legitimately, my reflection made me cry. you can laugh. They comforted me while I cried things like, "What have I done to myself?" Looking back I think I might have irrationally jumped to the conclusion that the surgeon had messed up, the cut was too big too heal and my smiling/laughing/talking the previous night had destined me to a life of dis-figuration. The only bright side was that maybe Dumbledore would hire me because I would now so closely resemble Mad-Eye Moody.

If I were Mad-Eye would you be in my fan club? 

The first few days of my bandages I tried not to go out at all. I mean, I went to church and that happened to be the day that the directory woman insisted on taking my picture, despite me pleading that maybe I could just send her one instead. Every person at Home Depot probably thought I had had a bad run in with a chainsaw and all the kids thought I was a mummy. I'm sure of it.

Eventually I got used to my band-aids and would even forget I had them on. So once I regained some self-esteem I went shopping at the mall. On the escalator I was behind a cute baby/toddler who wouldn't stop looking at me. I tried smiling and making faces at him, then realized that I was probably traumatizing the child and decided to just take a picture of him instead.

Oh, you thought I was lying?

Anyway, it's been an hour. Maybe I could sleep now. Oh, and I promise I'm not as creepy as I sound/look. Sometimes I just take pictures of kids. No harm.

Ok. I'm beyond creepy. Someone help me. It's late.

peace and Chuckie Keeton.
usu deserved to win solely because of him. 



Tuesday, August 27, 2013

habits of a single girl

I recently had a conversation with a person older than I on the importance of getting married young. I have great love and respect for this person, so I sat and listened and nodded and smiled this was before the surgery. One of the main arguments presented was that the younger you are, the fewer difficult habits you have-you aren't set in your ways just yet. I smiled and nodded, but couldn't help thinking of the habits I have already established as a young single person. Habits that I refuse to change. unless, like, a boy wants to marry me and i have to. i guess. These are my single girl habits. Whether I have them because I'm single or I'm single because I have them is up for debate.

1. I sleep with 3 pillows on a regular basis. The one at the very back must be firm and placed at approximately a 45 degree angle from the headboard. The second is used as additional support as needed, and the third must be a soft, down pillow that I can fold or squish or just sink into. i can work with two if necessary. see? i'm already compromising. 

2. I brush my hair like, all the time. My best friend once asked me how many times a day I brush my hair and I tried to play it off. "Psh. Like, three or something." <---real quote She scoffed and just looked at me. I responded to that with "Well, like, three different time periods. You know, morning, afternoon, and night." I basically brush my hair continually through all those times. So yeah, like three.

And maybe I just took a break from this to go brush my hair. But seriously girls, tell me I'm wrong. Brushing your hair is the most soothing thing on the planet. Boys, you don't know what you're missing out on.

^^^ You just can't get that sort of volume any other way people.

3. I'm kind of really into dairy, so buddy better be ready to spend money on that. When I'm thirsty, I drink a glass of milk, not water. When I'm hungry a cheese quesadilla is my go-to. I'll eat cottage cheese out of the container and obviously ice cream is at least a once a day thing. One of my prouder moments was when a roommate of mine said, "Since I've met you my dairy/cheese intake has doubled." I said, "You're welcome."

4. I take corners really fast while driving. I love shifting from first gear to second right in the middle of the turn so I just peel around that curb like I'm Charlize Theron speeding through abandoned subway tunnels with a Mini Cooper full of gold. I really only do this when I'm alone in the car. Fortunately right now that's basically always.

^^^ I mean like, you can see it too right?

5. Harry Potter references are said or thought of on, at least, an hourly basis. This, technically, is not a habit because it is actually a lifestyle. about a test of sorts? Today, while sorting through the change in my piggy bank, putting the coins in little stacks and counting out the necessary amount to package, I told my mom I reminded myself of an aspect in the world of Harry Potter. What was the reference I made? (Or what would you have said?)

6. I go hiking by myself because I absolutely love it. And often I don't tell anyone that I am because that's all part of the joy. Some people my friends think this is stupid. Maybe it is, but it's one of my single girl habits that will be hardest to break.

7. No matter what your political views, I will contradict you. Sorry. It's just true. Talk to my best friend if you need further proof.

8. I make a game of how long I can wait before going to the grocery store. So sometimes I just eat plain tortillas for dinner, because naturally the cheese is gone before the tortillas are. I think I've gotten up to almost a month.

Well, there you have it. My single girl habits. I'm sorry they're not cute, like...oh I don't know, writing my name with different last names to see which sounds better or dancing around my room to One Direction. oh wait...#jklolhags. kinda.

And now that I've completely shot all chances of leaving the realms of singledom in the foot, I think I'll leave the country for the rest of the year. #10moredays

peace and drive through car washes.
scariest thing in the world


Monday, August 26, 2013

my lip

On Friday I had a nasty accident. While again trying my hand at trail running in the canyon I live close to, I stumbled and tripped over a root or rock or freaking squirrel chilling on the trail. I don't really know what it was, but instead of my body propelling forward, it was taken by gravity and I dropped to the earth, hitting my face on a nearby rock and completely splitting my lip open.

I was in shock, clutching my face and looking for anything to stop the blood. Eventually I gave up on that, took my shirt off, stuffed it to my face, and started staggering back toward the trail head and waiting car, trying not to think about the blood flowing from my body.

I made it to the car (where were all the people around to help me? i have no idea) picked up my phone and called my mom for help, kind of mumbling and crying and yelling while stuffing the shirt as tightly as possible against my face. Fortunately she got the idea and a quick 10 minutes later we were on our way to the emergency room.

A few stitches later I walked out with fat lip and some sticky gauze all up in my business. I'm not supposed to smile, talk, laugh, chew, or in anyway use facial expressions in communication. My mom suggested I use makeup to blend the bandages in with my face, to which I responded that I was actually thinking of treating it like a cast and having my friends sign it. So...any takers? You want to sign my lip?

^^^that's the closest I could get to a smile. It's beautiful. I know. Especially that fat lip of mine. #mmmm
And oh my gosh do you think my face is big enough in this thing? Yeah, me either.

In other news, all of this is a lie. I just like this story better than the real one, in which I go to the plastic surgeon to have a mole removed and walk out 25 minutes later like it's no big deal.

Maybe next time I tell the story I'll have just been in a fight with a stampeding moose or hit with a taser gun as I protected a baby during a bank robbery. Any other suggestions?

peace and plastic surgery

Thursday, August 22, 2013

my name is rachel and i'm a hoarder

"...hi rachel."

The last week of my life has been dedicated to many important things. Reading Harry Potter duh. trekking to Provo for a few days of work, singing to Katy Perry's new single, working out phone and money stuff for Ukraine like a pro, eating Oreos, having dishrag whipping wars with Caroline oh i lost bad. and have the welt to prove it trying sushi for the first time in my life holla!, and sleeping at ridiculous hours. 

I've also gone through all of my possessions at least three times, trying to get rid of clothes that I didn't even remember existed, figuring out just how many different hair softening products I need, and debating whether I will ever want to don that ring from 7th grade that has googly eyes embedded in it. i mean, maybe? I've given away bags of clothes and have sufficiently organized my jewelry into what could pass as acceptable apparel for my age. Maybe.

But the one thing I cannot and will not give away? Notes. Letters. Tickets. Valentines. Birthday greetings. Anything that anyone has ever written me. I will go through my box of cards every year, trying to see what I could throw out in an attempt to streamline my hoard, but every time I keep them all. And it's because I read them all. And I smile and I tear up and I laugh and I remember and I put that little piece of paper right back where it was.

I remember the cards I have thrown out in previous years, when I lost all sense of nostalgia and sentiment for an hour and went on a recycling rampage. I regret those rampages already because I miss all those little notes and encouragement and tokens of love.

So, if you have ever written me one of those things, thank you. Whether you signed it, left it anonymous, wrote on the back of a napkin or folded it into a swan, I kept it. And it still means so much to me.

peace and cheetos


Monday, August 19, 2013

home again home again

This last weekend I moved back to Salt Lake. I'll be there for the next two and a half weeks before I board a plane to go adventure abroad for the rest of the year. As it gets closer and closer, I get more and more excited. There might be a hint of terror in there too, but that's what makes it even more exciting. You know, like when you're waiting in line to go on the scariest slide at the water park and you know it's going to be terrifying and your heart is going to hate you because you'll basically be free falling but you have to do it anyway because you just do. am i the only one that feels this way about that dang slide? fine. whatever. i'm a wimp.

But being home has been wonderful, and it's only been two days. The carpet in my home is so soft, I could just sleep on the floor and be fine but then I'd be missing out on the massive bed I have all to my own. The water in the shower is always warm, no matter how long I stay in there. There's always ice cream in the freezer and all the elderly people in the ward are nice to me. I can just go up one flight of stairs to tease my little sister, even if this means she only has to go down one flight of stairs to do the same to me. I get to pretend I can still play the piano anytime I want and my dad even thanks me for playing while my mom plans backpacking hiking trips for us to take next weekend. I also get to take the scoot-scoot on evening rides up the canyon, which is basically in our backyard. Caroline joins me and we laugh as we barely inch up the hill while having the gas on full throttle.

Oh that little scoot. It's my crush of the week for sure. fo sho.

she's in tune with nature.

So now I'm missing my real camera and am committing myself to taking it out with me on my next Millcreek visit. Just so you know.

peace and baseball games. 
totes going to one with my bff tonight. #yesssssss <------- oh, and feel free to say that in Parseltongue. I did.


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

babysitting in style

Today I'm wearing a pink and white stripped shirt pants. I actually don't know what color they are. Dark mint? Seafoam? Moss on the Pine? Whatever. The point is that I'm two days away from moving out of my apartment and all my clothes are packed up or already strewn about the guest room at my parent's home. So I'm wearing pink stripes with Jungle Green pants. Because I mean, why not? People's retinas are screaming with reasons why not but I don't have to look at myself so why should I worry about it? This is also my reasoning behind the ponytail and zero makeup I'm proudly displaying. Plus I have plans to go to the water park after work, so that's just double reason to not get ready.

Want to know another outfit I dawned recently? Too bad. It was my prom dress. No joke. It happened. I was in Salt Lake over the weekend, swinging in the hammock with squirmy babies, feeding squirmy babies, reading the Berenstein Bears to squirmy babies and taking squirmy babies on drives all the way down the Wasatch front. ah but i love those squirmy babies. But the point was that I had a wedding to go to and no appropriately-formal-enough attire. So I went to the closet of things I've always kept at my parents. And pulled out my prom dress. The prom dress my mom handmade for me and I love. I put it on, surprised my whole family that I could still fit into it, (thanks guys) and went to the wedding, where the compliments were given in such a way that I committed to wearing that dress every day for the rest of my life. (Except today, because I'm already wearing pink and Croaking Toad Green)

^^^this is the prom dress^^^

This was an important weekend because the baby pictured above, my little cousin, finally started calling me by my name and not just staring at me and running away. And her younger sister actually came to me to be picked up. I guess she had no other choice, but it still made me so happy to see her crawl towards me, reach my feet and look up at me with expectation. I would wait just long enough to take in the moment before swooping down to pick her up and let her squirm in my arms. ohmygosh i sound like a mom. i'm not even dating anyone! calm down rach.

Just to clarify, I'm not "baby hungry" at all. I've just never been the one of my friends who absolutely loved babies. I mean, I DO love babies, but during church classes I just preferred to listen and comment on the lesson rather than tend the teacher's baby. So now that I feel like I really do love babies I have to acknowledge the fact that maybe I'm finally growing up...ish.

Plus this might be me advertising my ability with babies so that my sister and brother-in-law will trust me with their child when the time comes. #auntrachel #abouttime

peace and jonsi


Friday, August 9, 2013

hunters and harry

-Many months ago I went on a search for Lay's Chicken and Waffles flavored chip. My pursuits proved fruitless and I was left without. This week, however, a dear friend of mine presented me with the chips I had almost completely forgotten about. I was ecstatic and flattered that she remembered how desperately I desired to try these things. And try them I did. The first bite is bad. The second better. And then it just goes up from there. Think...salty syrup.

-While hiking alone in the rain on Wednesday I decided I wanted my hair up, but had no elastic anywhere near. So what you're looking at in that second picture is the concoction I whipped up. Yes, my hair is tied around a stick I found on the trail. And it worked like a gem. I think the rather fit young man running the trail without a shirt on was impressed. I mean, aren't you?

-The following morning I woke up early-ish to go frolic in the mountains again. It was beautiful. After hiking a short ways I had this crazy thought to run. I immediately acted on that because it's rare for me to feel that way. I hung my backpack (containing all my things ie keys, phone, wallet, breakfast) on a branch so I wouldn't miss it on the way down and ran on. I now realize how stupid that was. But then a nice hunter man and his son stopped me along the trail back and asked if I was Rachel, pulling my backpack out from behind them and handing it over to me. So right now I'm grateful for nice, honest people who don't steal my car and eat my banana, who pull out their phones to show me their latest kill and who basically invite me to go hunting with them. Maybe next time boys.

-The Harry Potter marathon continues on. And oh what a joy it is.

peace and rainstorms


Thursday, August 8, 2013

this is happening

This morning I got an email.
In that email was a link.
That link showed me the following:

And now I have to go find an adapter. But seriously you guys. This is actually happening. You have less than a month to take me on that date you've always wanted to take me on or invite me over for dinner or give me that massage or take me out for sushi i've yet to try it or have me as your road trip buddy. You have less than a month to try to beat me at the Avalanche Racer at Seven Peaks Water Park. Less than a month to take a joy ride in Sneaky. Less than a month to have me over for a sleepover or go with me to the drive-in movies or hike with me to the top of Timpanogos.

Less than a month people. Contact me before it's too late and my schedule is too full with important things like naps and Stephen Colbert, because I'd love to fit you in.

peace and
....ok. there is no peace. i'm too dang excited.


Monday, August 5, 2013

a look into the galaxy*

*the title of the post was chosen because almost every single thing represented in this post came from my phone, the samsung galaxy. so i thought it would be clever. and i couldn't think of anything else. so go with it?

Happy Monday everyone. I'm not entirely sure what the theme of this post is going to be. It could be the crush of the week, #nomakeupmonday, the events of my weekend, how I'm doing with the Harry Potter marathon I've got going, or the terrible dream I had last night that made me wake up with my heart beating faster than ever, convincing me that I was about to have a heart attack. stupid heart murmur. freaking me out. 

Anyway, it might just end up being all of the above. And you know what? I'm going to make it a bullet list of sorts. Because the whole connecting thoughts thing isn't going to fly right now. Let's begin.

~Maybe we should all meander over to the campus food court. My sources tell me that the new Chik-fil-a there is open for the first time today, and my sources are never wrong because my sources are my tastebuds.

~At one point over the weekend I found myself on the couch watching Becoming Jane by myself. It was quite late. I might have shed tears. And immediately sent a text to my best friend who I knew would understand, seeing as the first time we saw it in theaters she sobbed for almost a half hour after the show had ended.

Here's another conversation we had. This is pretty typical.

We should probably work on our self-esteem huh? We're just way too hard on ourselves and each other.
#worldsgreatest #rkelly

~Speaking of Becoming Jane, James McAvoy is totally the crush of the week. He kind of even reminds me of a friend of mine...

~Last week I decided I needed to reread the Harry Potter masterpieces. My dear friend has the complete set and is letting me borrow them and it's been magical. Literally. Here are a few moments from my reading thus far:

I always thought this was clever and funny.

That awesome moment when you realize the Weasley twins hit Voldemort in the face with snowballs repeatedly.

And this always gives me chills.

~Maybe it's all the Harry Potter in my life recently that's giving me bad dreams. After receiving an email late at night in which Bathilda Bagshot was discussed, I then proceeded to have the worst nightmare of my life. I was alone in a sort of hotel/hospital/jail type place. As I climbed the stairs and made my way down a hall, a hunched figure turned the corner and stared at me. I turned and immediately began running down the stairs which became and endless staircase that kept bringing me back to this:


~I don't want to leave off on that ^^^^ note, so here are some pictures from the most recent wedding I attended. Yeah, I'm a moron and didn't get one with the bride and groom, but they looked spectacular, as did the mountains. And I got to do some selfies with this girl so it's all good.

Little Cottonwood Canyon

Let the skiing season begin already.

And then this guy tried to photobomb us doing a selfie so we just asked him to join in.
#fatherofthegroom #hemightworkforthecia #wedontknow #uneasyface

peace and water parks
gotta hit that place up all week


Thursday, August 1, 2013

totes the best fam vacay

The Weiler family is known far and wide for the fun vacations we go on.

...Ok, so maybe not, but we should be. To throwback to just one of these vacations is an injustice to my childhood. I mean, do I choose the three day river-rafting trip down class 5 rapids when we slept on the side of the Colorado River and lost our guide's bocci ball? Or do I write about our road-trip to Mt. Rushmore when my parents totally rented a CruiseAmerica vehicle and we duck-taped a full on TV to the side of it so we could watch movies like rednecks? But then there are all the little local trips to Moab, Bear Lake, and Capitol Reef during Easter break when we had to hunt for our Easter baskets in the cliffs of the National and State Parks. And I can't forget about the trip to Virginia and our 9 hour drive to see the wild ponies of Chincoteague Island and they ended up being tied to a post.

We've hiked through Canada and biked in Colorado. We've lounged on the beach in Seaside and we've ziplined through the jungle in Puerto Vallarta. We've walked through Historical Williamsburg during a rainstorm and we've had marshmallow gun wars in the goblins of Goblin Valley. We've ventured through slot canyons in Kanab and we've para-glided in Mexico. We've boated in Montana, swum in the natural springs of South Dakota, rappelled in Southern Utah, taken in the grandeur of Glacier, stuck our feet over the side of Halfdome in Yosemite Valley, and shot guns at the Sun Valley Gun Club.

And all of these have stories and stories and stories to go with them, which make for terrible dinner conversation because you end up laughing so hard you can't even enjoy the Thai Peanut Chicken shish kabobs.

But the best? Maybe the best was when we were in Cancun and going to visit a monkey reservation in the depths of the jungle. As soon as we got out of the car, monkeys attacked. They stole Rebecca's sunglasses, climbed on our car, and teased us endlessly- much to the amusement of the other families sitting safely in their minivans. We were dealing with the situation and laughing it off, when the last straw was reached.

My little sister, about 6 or 7 at the time, came face to face with a monkey twice as big as she was. She turned and started running away as fast as she could, but the monkey was faster. It went chasing after her, arms raised above it's head like a full on ghoul-monkey and screeching at the top of its lungs. We all stared in disbelief while my brother sprang to action. Picking up a nearby log stick, Spencer went chasing after the monkey chasing after Caroline, swinging the tree he had uprooted and yelling at the monkey screeching at Caroline who was crying. we never knew spencer could be so protective.

In the end, we were all ok. Spencer was almost arrested for threatening wildlife and a monkey bit all the beads off my recently braided hair.

Good times in Mexico.

peace and vacations