Tuesday, September 9, 2014

heaven...i mean hebgen 2014

One month ago I was in Montana, wearing my swimming suit all day, eating hundreds of chocolate covered raisins, losing at Egyptian Ratscrew over and over and over, and doing nothing with my hair and makeup. Now I'm back in school holla atcha it's my last year boi gman wearing skirts everyday because I'm just fancy like that cue iggy azalea. but the edited version because this is a family friendly blog, eating nothing but cheese quesadillas, losing at Mario Kart over and over and over, and still doing nothing with my hair and makeup at least for today. praises.

I miss summer. It was a good one. Arguably the best I've had and i mean, who is actually going to argue with me on that? so...i guess it just was. cool. And while I was fortunate enough to take quite a few trips, there is always a special place for the annual Hebgen visit. So now I will remain true to character and shove upwards of 78 pictures in your face.

But in case you don't want to look at them, I'll just tell you what they are.
Happy people
A smashed mosquito
Cute baby
My teeth
More skiing
More lake
The results of mono and giardia. aka very thin bodies
A selfie. Just for good measure.



And people make fun of me for loving Montana so much. To them I say "Fine. You stay here."

Also, congratulations for scrolling so far. You can now check off "exercise" on your to do list. Because dang I bet your pointer finger is feeling it right now.

peace and poofy hair
love humidity so much